Yoga Tips in Urdu For Females

Yoga Tips in Urdu For Females

Yoga is considered very useful for health conscious people. It is the oldest method  of exercise. Many modern doctor still believe in the positive effects of yoga exercises. In fact it was a method of Hindu prayer. All the Muslims who say their prayers regularly do not need to take yoga exercises as our prayer has more side benefits than yoga exercises, but never take Muslim prayer as an exercise. We Muslims believe that its our foremost duty in life to bow before Almighty Allah, as he has blessed us with unlimited blessings. 
Yoga Tips in Urdu Language For Girls  

Yoga Tips in Urdu For Females 

Authentic guidance and yoga tips are available only in Hindi and English languages.  Local Pakistani yoga experts are just looting the people. If you interest in yoga exercises then read books on yoga tips in English language. Today we are going to share yoga tips in Urdu for females, so that Pakistani women may also get necessary information about this oldest method of exercise. Mr Khurram Mansoor Qazi has written this article on yoga tips in Urdu for women. It was originally published in daily Express. Females must read this useful article carefully. Try to follow the given instructions in Urdu, 
I personally don't believe in Yoga exercises due to its doubtful origin and authenticity. We have shared this article just for those females who have believe in this system of exercises. Dr Zakir Naik tries to prove that Hinduism has also many similarities with divine religions, but now at least Muslim are sure that Hindu mythology, philosophy and rituals had been altered a lot, Now its not easy to differentiate between its positive and negative aspects of this religion. Stay in touch and its facebook page for guidance about different health and fitness tips  Read our following related articles too. 

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