World Top 10 Largest Peninsulas

World Top 10 Largest Peninsulas

Earlier in the following articles, we have covered European, Asian and North American peninsulas. This article is about other continent notable peninsulas and top ten largest peninsulas in the world.

Peninsula Definition = 10 Largest Peninsulas

African Peninsulas

Sinai Peninsula

The Sinai Peninsula is geographically part of Asia located on the border of Africa and Asia. It belongs to African country Egypt. It is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea (Gulf of Suez & Gulf of Aqaba) and Suez Canal.

Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa is the only large peninsula of Africa towards East Africa. It is also called Somali peninsula. It consist of full or segments of Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is surrounded by Red Sea and Indian Ocean

Tingitana Peninsula

Tingitana Peninsula is a small north west Africa peninsula that forms the southern part of Strait of Gibraltar.

World Top 10 Largest Peninsulas

10 Largest Peninsulas

South American Peninsulas

La Guajira Peninsula 

La Guajira is one of noteworthy peninsula of South America. It i surrounded by Gulf of Venezuela and Caribbean Sea. Most of the peninsula lies in Colombia except small northwestern part located in Venezuela.
Overall South America does not have many large or prominent peninsulas. Besides La Guajira other notable peninsulas are Mitre and Valdes Peninsulas are along the Argentina Atlantic coast. Brazil Atlantic coast has Itapagipe Peninsula. Brunswick Peninsula at southern chile tip Venezuela peninsulas Paraguaná and Paria along the coast of Caribbean Sea.

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula Is the largest peninsula of Antarctica or in the Southern Ocean. It form the most northern tip of mainland Antarctica penetrated deep in Southern Ocean towards the southernmost tip of South America (with only 1000km far from Tierra del Fuego). The area is claimed by y Argentina, Chile and the UK, though officially none of the claims has any legitimate value. More than 80% of the peninsula is covered by ice.

Australian Peninsulas

Cape York Peninsula

Cape York is the largest peninsula in Australian continent located at Far North Queensland surrounded by Gulf of Carpentaria and Coral Sea. It’s a sparsely populated in fact one of the few remaining pristine wilderness in the continent. Other noteworthy peninsulas in Australia are the Cobourg Peninsula near Darwin (surrounded by Timor Sea and Arafura Sea) and Eyre Peninsula at southern Australia surrounded by Great Australian Bight and its gulfs.

World Top 10 Largest Peninsulas






Arabian Peninsula

3,237,500 km²

Asia (Middle East)


Indian Peninsula

2,072,000 km²

Asia (Indian Subcontinent)


Indo-china Peninsula

1,938,743 km²

Southeast Asia


Horn of Africa(Somali Peninsula)

1,882,857 km²

East Africa


Alaska Peninsula (if whole state is considered as peninsula)

1,500,000 km²

North America (Alaska, USA)


Labrador Peninsula

1,400,000 km²

North America (Canada)


Scandinavian Peninsula

 928,057 km²

Northern Europe


Anatolian peninsula

755,688 km²

Asia (Turkey)


Balkan Peninsula

666,700 km²

Southeast Europe


Iberian Peninsula


Southwest Europe


Antarctica Peninsula





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