What is dark web | Dark web vs Deep web (in english & Urdu)

What is dark web | Dark web vs Deep web (in english & Urdu)

The term dark web is being discussed nowadays quite often, it is also getting quite confused with deep web and often both are used interchangeably. To get a better understanding of dark web we first explore a bit related terms like deep and surface web as all three revolves around content available on the internet.

Surface Web

When we have to see something on the internet usually we go to google or other search engine write the search keywords and go through the result links that seems to the user to satisfy our intended search.

These are the websites that are indexed by search engine and search engine presents them in the result of user search related to it. This type of web that we are usually used to is called Surface Net. This is easily accessible (publically available) to common users. Normal famous websites like google, youtube, yahoo, sports and other websites are fall in this category.


The other names used to refer surface web are visible web, Light Net, Clearnet and indexed web. Though to us(common) users this seems to be endless, there is nothing that we cannot get online but as compared to the relatively hidden part of the web that is deep and dark web, it is merely the tip of the ice burg. This is the part of the web that is available for search engines to be

What is Deep web

Now we dig a bit deeper and cast a glance on another side of the picture that is the deep web. The deep web is just opposite of surface web, it is the part of the web that search engines failed to crawl and get them indexed. So these websites or portion of the web is not available in search results. So, we cannot navigate this part of the web through search engines and one has to use the direct address to access it. It is estimated that about 90% of the web is part of the deep web. It could be the admin section of a blog/site.

What is Dark Web

The dark web is a section of the deep web, it requires specific software, configuration, authentication and authorization to access it, once we get in it becomes accessible using the browser like other websites. See as we said it as a section of the deep web because it is also not get indexed by search engines but moreover it is also not available using through standard web browsers.

What is dark web

 What is dark web (Dark web vs Deep web)

The dark web has some positive uses as well like journalists use di to communicate safely, human right workers to communicate from disturbance area where they are operating to outside world etc.

Accessing Dark Web

Accessing dark web or having and using software to access is not illegal but accessing different resources on the dark web is illegal. For instance, there are some markets like darknet market that operate in dark web markets are the areas to sell illegal products or deal illegal or criminal activities like terrorism, drugs, assassination, and porn. Darknet markets are usually deal in electronic currencies like Bitcoin as it makes it transactions easier to hide and difficult to be tracked. It is said that it has become a place for various groups that want to stay online but at the same time hidden from governments and law enforcement agencies.

A common way to access dark net is to install and use Tor browser, a free anonymous communication software that is easily available on the internet to download. Other alternatives could be Freenet and I2P. Communicating over Tor is not 100% anonymous as your credentials (email etc. as well) are share with the visited sites. To access 100% anonymously special anonymity services are required to be obtained.

Hopefully, this article "What is dark web" would be helpful for you to understand the dark and deep web, stay tuned for more to come.


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