USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program, Urdu Guide

USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program, Urdu Guide

USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program, Urdu Guide

Details of USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program are here mentioned on this post. Note that this exchange program works on a global level. The maximum number of undergraduating students from Pakistan have taken and seek benefits from this program. The criteria of this program is that you can complete your one and single semester in some foreign institution and university. This beneficial and constructive program is initiated by USA and it is really motivating the students of Pakistan to be the part of this exchange program. If you are given an opportunity to be the foreign education sector then you should avail it. These foreign universities give you different kind of educational experience. By inducting yourself in an international level university, you get global experience. Here we will mention you the details and complete guide of this exchange program:


How is USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program Useful for Pakistani Students?

  • By becoming the official part of this exchange program, a student can better assess all means and factors that how Pakistani education sector can be improved.
  • The factor of exposure is an important element which is making this program more successful. Now when undergraduating students will be enrolled in this program then it will be easier for them to decide that whether they should persue their masters level studies in a foreign university or not.
  • We know that this exchange program only comprises of the duration of one semester/ But even in this single semester, it is up to you how much you will learn!
  • Stats About USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program
  • This program almost receives 40,000 to 50,000 form applications. By looking at these numbers, you can assess that competition level is quite high. With each phase of this program, only 120 to 150 applicants are selected and chosen.
  • Selected applicants will choose their desired university and desired course line. The choice is up to you that which subject and which university you want to opt! This is a lifetime opportunity given to you. So the student should avail it productively.

USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program Eligibility Information

It is compulsory for the students that they have to be in their 4th semester or in their 6th semester. If you are in 2nd semester or if you are in your 8th semester then you cannot apply in this exchange program. So make sure that you have to be studying in your 4th or in your 6th semester. In terms of your academic performance, your grades have to be up to the mark. Like your CGPA and your extra curricular tenure of activities have to be satisfactory. Then this exchange program also make this requirement that you should do 2 months of internship in your subject related field in which you have completed your exchange program.
Stay tuned. More of the guide details about this USEFP Undergraduate Exchange Program will be shared in near time.


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