US Presidents Interesting Facts

US Presidents Interesting Facts

Presidents who never won a presidential election

Gerald Ford is the only president who had never won the election for president or vice president. He became the 38th US in 1974 when due to Watergate scandal both the president and vice president had to resign.

There are four more instances in which president was never elected as president, they were elected as vice president. These are 10th president John Tyler, 12th Millard Fillmore, 17th president Andrew Johnson and 21st president Chester A. Arthur.  

President who was impeached

President Johnson was the only president in US History who was impeached.


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Presidents who elected despite lost in popular votes

There are five presidential elections UD history in which winner lost the popular vote.

  • The most interesting was 1824 election in which John Quincy Adams despite getting less number of electoral votes than Andrew Jackson became the 6th president of the country. As none of the candidates could acquire the required number of votes (131), in which Adams allegedly won due to underhand deal with Henry Clay (he became Adams secretary of state).
  • Second such instance happened in 1876 election, it was also quite controversial. Democrats who were out of the white house for last 27 years had won the popular votes. As for as electro votes are concerned in compare two Republican Rutherford B. Hayes  165 votes democrat candidate Samuel J. Tilden took 184 votes whereas four states 20 votes had become controversial as both parties were claiming they candidate had won these. Then an informal deal was made between both parties known as Compromise of 1877 to solve the dispute. According to this deal, all these 20 votes awarded to Hayes (so he got the majority with 185 votes) and federal troops were withdrawn from South (which were there since the end of the civil war) thus ending the Reconstruction. 
  • 3rd such instance happened in 1888 election when Benjamin Harrison became 23 presidents despite losing the popular votes.
  • In first election of 21st century George Bush (Junior) elected as US president despite having less number of popular votes than Democratic candidate Al Gore. Controversy over Florida electoral remained Weeks after the election, ended when Supreme Court ended the recounts, thus Florida electoral votes (25) added to Bush count with providing him over (271) required(270) electoral votes.
  • In 2016 election current US president Trump won despite taking less popular votes than Hillary Clinton.
  • No such instance happened in the 20th century though according to a couple of historian Nixon took more popular votes in 1960 election than Kennedy as vote count in Alabama was not certain. 

Donald Trump 44th person and 45th president?

Until today US has 45 presidents but 44 people have become president. This discrepancy is due to Grover Cleveland. Cleveland won presidential election twice but his terms were not consecutive. He became 22nd US president by winning 1884 elections but Benjamin Harrison won the 1888 election and became 23rd US president, after losing in 1888 Cleveland won 1892 election and reentered in White House as 234th president.  In this way, Donald Trump is 44th person who becomes president but he is the 45th president.

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