US Presidents Facts

US Presidents Facts

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US Presidents who could not complete their term

There are nine US presidents who could not complete their term, eight out of these died during their service as US president.

US President died in office (naturally)

Four US president have died physically while serving in office. William Harrison was the first US president who died in the office. He died in 1841 due to pneumonia just after 1 month he became the president. Zachary Taylor died in 1850 due to Stomach flu. Warren Harding died due to the heart attack in 1923, he was the 29th president. Franklin D. Roosevelt was died in 1945 due to intracerebral hemorrhage, just before the end of Second World War. Till now he was the last US president died in the office due to natural causes.

Presidents Assassinated in office

Four US presidents have been assassinated while they were serving as president, all of them were killed by gunshot. Abraham Lincoln was the first US president who was assassinated in 1865 after the civil war when he was serving as president. 20the US president James Garfield was shot dead in 1881. The third president who was killed in office was William McKinley, killed during the first year of his second term in 1901. John F. Kennedy was killed in 1963, he is the last president who died while serving as president.

Fun Facts about Presidents

US Presidents Facts (US History)

US President who resigned

The only US president who had to resign was Richard Nixon. His impeachment was sure, so he decided to resign himself.
US Presidents who are Father and Son
There are only two instances in US history when father-son both became president of the country. The first case is John Adams, who was the American Revolution hero and second US president, later his son Joh Quincy became 6th US president. The second instance is related to Texas's Bush family, here George Bush senior remained US president from 1989 to 1993, and later on his son (Junior) George Bush became 43rd US president in 2001.

US Presidents who are Grandfather & Grandson

There is only one instance in US history in which both grandfather and grandson became the president of the country. 23rd US President Benjamin Harrison was the grandson of the ninth president William Henry Harrison.

US President who are relatives (Cousins)

There are two more instances in the US history where different presidents are relative to each other. First is the 12th president Zachary Taylor was the cousin of 4th president James Madison. The second instance of presidents, cousins to each other 26th president Theodore Roosevelt and 32nd president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 

Similar Name Presidents

Besides the presidents who were relatives, there are two more US presidents pairs who had the similar names. First John Tyler (1841-1845) and Zachary Taylor (1849-1850) whereas second is

Andrew Johnson (1865-1869) and Lyndon Johnson (1963-1969).

First Presidents who were Photographed

  • John Quincy Adams was the first president who was photographed, in 1843. Remember that he left the office in 1829
  • The first president who was photographed in the office was 11th US President James Polk, photograph in 1849.
  • The first president who was photographed during the inauguration ceremony was the last president before the civil war, James Buchanan in 1857:


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