US History - Territorial Expansion

US History - Territorial Expansion

US History territorial Expansion

In this US history article, I would try to give you a brief overview regarding how America is coming into its current shape. Right Now if we see the USA, it consists of 50 states. 48 out of these states are part of mainland America in between Canada and Mexico. Many people took it as all America. The other two states of America (USA) are Alaska and Hawaii. Alaska is a peninsula at North West of Canada whereas A Hawaii is a Pacific island. In addition to these states, the USA also has sixteen overseas territories in Carrabin Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Five of these territories named American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands are permanently inhabited.

Colonial America

About hundred years after the Columbus discovered the new world (American Continents), in 1587, UK tried to establish a colony there which went unsuccessful. In 1607 they were successful to establish a first permanent settlement in Virginia. When the USA declared independence 1n 1776, at that time total number of colonies were thirteen that turned into states (There were also some territories like Northwest territory etc.). These thirteen colonies that subsequently became states are New England colonies ( Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island),  The Middle Colonies (Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland) and  Southern Colonies (Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina)


US History - Territorial Expansion

Louisiana Purchase

In 1803, USA bought a vast area called Louisiana territory to its west from France in $15 million. Napolean was the ruler of France at that time who sold this area to USA as he needed money for his European wars. The area was as much that it doubled the total area of USA.

There are currently fifteen states that were that were fully or partially part of Louisiana territory, These states are Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming. Origin Louisiana was named after French King Louis XIV/

Florida Annexation

Florida was a Spanish colony at that time. In the first quarter of the nineteenth century when Spanish empire was waning, Spain sold it to the USA for $5 million in 1819.

Oregon Territory Annexation

There was a territory in the west called Oregon Territory, it includes the region of current USA states Washington and  Oregon segment of USA states Idaho, Wyoming and Montana and some area of Canada’s state called British Columbia.

In the 1830s many US immigrant, pursuing new land and opportunities following the famous Oregon Trail settled there. Historically this area had been claimed by British, Spanish, Russian and French. French claim was linked to their Louisiana area and Quebec control. Russian claim was based on Alaska that neighbored this region. Both of these have withdrawal their claims at the start of 19th century. After the fall of Spanish empire, USA inherited their claim. In 1946 British and Americans were agreed to establish 49th parallel as the formal border. In this way, Oregon area formally became part of USA though it formally became a state in 1859.

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