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University of Central Punjab UCP Admission 2018

Fall admission 2018 has been opened by University of Central Punjab. Details of University of Central Punjab UCP Admission 2018 are completely mentioned on this page. This university can take you on the path and track of your dreams. You can hold your heads high because admission in this university can make your career full of bright career prospects. You can take admission in their graduating and under graduating programs.
Introduction about University of Central Punjab UCP 
Current and present enrollment of this UCP university is about 8,000 in number. In 2002, it was Chartered right by Government of Punjab. HEC has ranked UCP business school on the 3rd spot. This UCP university offers programs at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level, postgraduate level too. They have departments of Engineering and Computer Science. They offer degrees related to Pharmacy and Business. This UCP university offer courses linked to Commerce and Arts. They have specialized department of Social Sciences and also Life Sciences.
Faculties of University of Central Punjab UCP 
They have 6 faculties and they are Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Commerce. This UCP university has Faculty of Pharmacy and UCP Business School, they have Faculty of Arts and faculty of Social Sciences,
University of Central Punjab UCP Admission 2018
UCP Business School of University of Central Punjab UCP
This business school offers courses related to the subjects of management studies, Management and Human Resource Management. You can study Entrepreneurship.
Faculty of Information Technology of UCP
This Faculty of Information Technology, it has these educational programs for you and they are Ph.D in computer Science. You can do M.Phil in Computer Science. You can take admission in MS of Computer Science or admission in MCS in Master of Computer Science.
School of Accounting and Finance of University of Central Punjab UCP 
This school offers and provides the programs of BS Hons in Accounting and Finance, you can do M.Com. Students can do MS or M.Phil. or they can PhD in Accounting and Finance.
UCP Faculty of Engineering
You can do bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering or in the field of Telecommunication Engineering,  Computer Engineering .
Faculty of Arts and Life Sciences by UCP
In this Faculty of Life Sciences, students can complete their BS or M.Sc. they can complete their degree of MS, PhD programs in the subjects and areas of Biochemistry or in Microbiology. They can opt subjects of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Forensic Science as well.
How to apply for University of Central Punjab UCP Admission 2018?
You can visit this site, On this site, you will know process of online admission and online registration. You will know about eligibility details as well. You can visit their campus too, its address is: 1- Khayabane Jinnah, Johar town, Lahore.
If you are waiting for yours Inter or bachelor result then you can apply too.
Admission forms and prospectus are available at the Pubjab college of commerce Faisalabad branch, Okara and Sialkot branch. Punjab college of commerce branch located in Multan, Rahim Yar Khan, Gujranwala.
More details and admission information about University of Central Punjab UCP Admission 2018 are coming soon.



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