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Top Ten Selfie Devices - Introduction in Urdu

I am sure that selfie taking has become the most popular hobby all over the world in 21st century. Youngsters love to take selfies and uploading them on social media websites like facebook and Google+. World leaders and distinguished personalities have also become selfie addicts like American President Obama, Pope Francis and Indian Prime Minister Moodi. Smart phone and electronic companies are trying different kinds of selfie devices to cash this trend. Today we are going to share information about following top ten selfie devices with you in Urdu language.  
Top Ten Photography Tips For Selfie in Urdu

Top Ten Selfie Devices - Introduction in Urdu   

  1. Smart Mirror
  2. Selfie Brush
  3. Selfie Hat
  4. Selfie Toaster
  5. Selfie Ring
  6. Remote Control
  7. Sony Perfume Camera
  8. Glam Screen
  9. Lolly Pod
  10. Selfie Header 
Scientists are still working in this field and there are chances of more inventions in this field in near future. It has been noticed by various researchers and psychologists that selfie edicts are patients of inferiority complex. Many youngsters have lost their lives due to this fatal addiction of 21st century. Recent researches have proved that selfie addiction is a chronic psychological disease, which leaves long lasting effects on human mental condition. Such people lack self confidence and they can not meet the challenges of life as a normal person. A person who takes more than 3 selfies in a day and upload them on facebook or on any other similar social media website is at the borderline of serious mental disturbance. Psychologists believe that a person who exceed this maximum limit can not be cured easily, so try to change your habit in this regard for the security of your mental health. Stay connected with myteststudy.comand its fb page for latest updates about top ten selfie devices. Now read the Urdu article on top ten selfie devices below this post. You may also read the side effects of this addiction on this page.  



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