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Top Ten Hair Tips in Urdu & English

Hair are very important part of human body. A beauty conscious person can not even think to to lost his/her hair. Females want to have long and healthy hair. Today we shall share some very useful top ten hair tips with our visitors in Urdu and English.
1-Use natural herbal oils in spite of shampoo and ordinary soap. You should use different oils alternatively.
2-Come back towards nature and use natural diet like organic vegetables, fresh juices and fresh dairy products.
3-Depression and anxiety can destroy the health of your hair so always try to be happy. Always remember that where there is a problem, there is solution. No problem can defeat you but you can defeat any problem. Depression is the cause of majority of human diseases so try to avoid it. 

Top Ten Hair Tips & Tricks in English & Urdu 

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Top Ten Hair Tips in Urdu & English 

4-Muslim prayer is not only a prayer but also one solution for almost all health related problems of human beings. Sajdah is the part of human prayer, which is very useful for the health of all head related problems, so try to spend maximum time in sajdah. Long Sajdah has much better results than different head related yoga postures. Never forget that primary object of our prayer is to obey the order of Almighty Allah. Science has proved that side benefits of Islamic prayer are unlimited. Prayer of any other religion don't have such benefits for human beings.   
5-Balanced diet can make you a healthy person in all respects, so eat all kinds of vegetables, fruits and halal flesh. Seasonal fruits and vegetables of your area are very important for your health. You must eat all seasonal fruits and vegetables. Artificial vitamins are not alternative of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
6-Olive oil, dates, honey, milk, grapes, pomegranate and fig are very useful for the treatment of any disease. 
7-Chronic cold and flu are very harmful for the health of your hair, so try to avoid them.Remember that allopathy has no treatment for cold and flu.You should either use joshanda or consult a qualified homeopathic doctor for the treatment of cold and flu.
8-Never use artificial hair products for any problem as such products contain harmful chemicals. 
9-You should also not use dryer and other modern machines as these are the biggest cause of baldness. 
10-Consult our team of physicians for free medical advice. Our founder team has 3 homeopathic doctors doctors, one allopathic doctor and one hakeem. You may get free advice from them anytime. 
You may read the useful hair tips in Urdu below this post. Stay in touch with and its facebook page for guidance about different health care related issues. 



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