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Super Tips About Creative Writing

How To Learn Creative Writing Skills Easily  
Creative writing skills is the key to success in almost all fields of life. A student must learn this skills to excel from other not only during his studies but also in practical life. Some pseudo philosophers argue that creative writing is a natural skills, i strongly disagree with them. As being a teacher i have taught this skill to many dull students too. In this article i shall the essence of my experiments and experiences. 
You must have command on the grammar and vocabulary of the language in which you want to become a creative writer. At least you must be able to convey your ideas to reader easily without any serious grammatical mistake. 

Super Tips About Creative Writing 

2-Book Reading Habit
Reading books should be your habit for learning the creative writing skills. You must have information about all topics. Read daily newspapers on net. Read biographies, current affair digests, master pieces of literature and books on general knowledge, IQ, religions, science, fiction etc. For this purpose you can get the help of libraries and internet. If you do not have the facility of internet then become the member of major libraries of your city. You must even spend your pocket money on buying books.
Never learn by heart any question even at school level. Just remember the key points and solve the answers of all questions in your own words. There is no alternative of practice so start your practice in your school age. In my school days i was given the responsibility to write the news on notice board of school daily. I used to express my own views too on notice board. This practice help me a lot to write for my school journal. You must also write for the official journal of your institute. Now a days you have many other platforms too like websites. Send your writings to different websites and newspapers. You just need one published story for getting confidence on your creative writing skills. After some time you will become a freelance writer.  
Write at least on article daily. In the start when you don't have good knowledge about any topic, first read 3 to 4 articles, collect the key ideas and write article in your own words using the collected key ideas.  
4-Never Become A Copy Cat
Never become a copy cat in your life as it can give you just temporary success. Your writing must possess following qualities.         
  • Diversity
  • Uniqueness
  • Originality
  • Out of The Box Thinking
You can get new ideas by improving your observation, so try to observe each and every thing around you very minutely. Even at the time of reading a book write the key points which you have learnt from a book at the end of book or in your diary.
6-Write Daily Dairy and Blog
You must write your personal diary daily. Here share with your your observations and results which you got from these observations. You should also launch a blog on the topic of your choice.You may start free blog on Wordpress.com and Blogger.com. I will personally recommend you go for blogger.com as it can help you in making money online too. If you can afford then learn Wordpress and SEO for launching your own independent blog on Wordpress.   
Bonus Tips  About Creative Writing 
7-Take part in essay writing and speech competitions at all levels. 
8-Show your articles to your teachers for correction.
9-Visit just educational and informative websites on internet. 
10-Never lose confidence due to criticism, Continue to work hard till the final success. 
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