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Study in America For Pakistani Students - Intro in Urdu

If you want to study in America, then you must read  the report on study in America for Pakistani students given on this page. This report has been given in Urdu language. OECD has issued this report on the basis of its survey. This report shows that foreign students are now preferring the universities other developed countries on American universities. Majority of them are diverting towards the other English speaking countries like UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. Large number overseas students are getting admission in the universities of Spain, South Korea and Malaysia, Malaysia has become the favorite destination of students from Muslim countries. 
Study in USA For Pakistani Students-Report in Urdu 

Study in America For Pakistani Students-Intro in Urdu       

Muslims students are fed up with the discriminatory attitude of visa officers and general public of USA and European countries.  South Korean and Malaysian universities are trying to attract these students. Education and  living expenditures in these countries are very lower than European countries and USA. Here students have not to face any discriminatory attitude too. Its a fact the Islam is strictly against terrorism and extremism, just a small minority of Muslims are involved in terrorist activities. As whole no sect or country of Muslims support such activities, so USA and European countries should change their policy towards students from Muslim countries, specially towards students from Pakistan. 
Pakistani nation is still fighting a tiresome war against terrorists with its own resources. We have scarified more than 5000 people in this war, so West should acknowledge our contribution in this regard by granting maximum study visas to our students. USA should realize that we are not terrorists, rather we are victim of terrorism. Study in America for Pakistani students should be made more easier. At present American universities have lost their attraction among the Pakistani students too. We Pakistani are moderate and peaceful people and Western countries should treat us like a ally in their war against terrorism. Only education can change the mindset of extremist people of any society. We need highly qualified individuals to bring a positive change in our society. By closing the doors of higher education on Muslim students, West is not supporting its main objective. USA should adopt a easy and fair visa policy at least for students from Muslim countries especially from Pakistan. It will be friendship gesture from USA for its front line ally in the war against terrorism. Visit daily for guidance about study in America for Pakistani students.     



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