What are Seven Sister States | South India States

What are Seven Sister States | South India States

This general knowledge article is about 'Seven sister state' and the 'south Indian States'. To see the list of all states of India and facts about the remaining states, please click here

Seven Sister States

The India easternmost seven states are known as "seven sister states". The region is surrounded by Burma, China Nepal and Bangladesh from north, south, east and most of the western side as well. The region is connected to mainland India through a path in the west that is commonly known as Chicken's Neck: as in case of a blockade, this 25 kilometers corridor would disconnect the all these states from rest of India. These seven states are Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland and Tripura.

Assam (1950)

It is the most populous and oil-rich seven sister states. It is the mother state of all seven sister states except Tripura and Manipur.  World largest river island Majuli is located here, it is an island of Brahmaputra river. It is seven sister entry point through Siliguri corridor. Overall it is one of the poorest states that is the largest Muslim minority state with one-third of the population is Muslim. There are many Burma origin people are here; in fact, Britain won this area in Anglo-Burmese War in the first quarter of the 1800s.

Arunachal Pradesh (1972)

It is mountainous, tribal northern state that borders China. Many citizens are ethnically Hun, there is a dispute regarding this region with China. It was the main battleground of 1962 Sini-Indian war. It is located just east to Nepal and northernmost seven sister state.

Meghalaya (1972)

It was formerly part of Assam. Meghalaya literally means 'land of the clouds'. It is surrounded by Assam and Bangladesh. Christianity is a major religion here. World top two wettest places, Mawsynram and Cherrapunji both are located here. Around three-quarter of Meghalaya is the forest with plenty of rainfall.

Mizoram (1987)

It is the least populous seven sister states. Most of the population is tribal. It has the highest literacy rate in seven sister states. It is another Christian’s majority state.

Manipur (1972)

It was formerly a princely state and joined India in 1949. Some people believed that polo was originated from Manipur, I think most of the Pakistani would know about polo as highest polo ground in Gilgit & Baltistan, 

Nagaland (1963)

Nagaland is one of the Christian majority seven sister states; in fact, it has the highest percentage of Christian population as compared to any other Indian state. It is also a tribal state.

Tripura (1956)

Tripura is the smallest in "seven sister states". It is surrounded by Bangladesh from three sides. It has never been part of the Assam. To test your knowledge about Indian states please visit "Indian States Quiz"

Map of India States

South Indian States

The south of India is with relative its own typical culture. They speak Dravidian languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. The region is surrounded by eastern and western Ghats stretching towards the southern tip of India. The southern states are Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Andhra Pradesh (1956)

It is a Telugu speaking state, located in southern India. It is the eighth largest state in the area almost equal to Suriname: a South American country formerly known as Dutch Guyana. Before independence was part of (Niamh) Hyderabad State. It is one of the seven Indian states which have the bicameral legislature: Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are another bicameral legislature states whereas Kashmir, Bihar, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are the remaining state with the bicameral legislature. Due to high production of rice, it is called as ‘Rice Bowl of India’.

Karnataka (1956)

Karnataka is the largest South Indian state. Most of the Karnataka was the part of Great Tipu Sultan’s Kingdom. India’s IT city Bengaluru is its capital. Great women warrior against Britain in 1857 independence war, Rani of Jhansi was from Karnataka.

Kerala (1956)

Kerala is a western state occupies most of the Western Ghats. It is the home of great warrior Tipu Sultan. As per transparency international, It is the least corrupt state of India. The literacy rate of Kerala is highest in India. Earlier interaction of Western people to subcontinent was through the regions that are part of Kerala now.

Tamil Nadu (1950)

Tamil Nadu is located in the Southernmost region of India: southern tip of India lies here. It was renamed from Madras State to Tamil Nadu in 1969. Historically, most of the time this region stayed away from the foreign conquests. 

Telangana (2014)

This is the youngest state of India, Hyderabad is its capital. The state was formerly part of Andhra Pradesh. At the time of independence, the region was part of the state of Hyderabad ruled by Nizam. Hyderabad did not join India at that time and just after the death of Quaid-e-Azam, India annexed it forcefully by an armed operation named “Polo operation”.


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