Scope of Study Abroad | Career Counseling Guide in Urdu

Scope of Study Abroad | Career Counseling Guide in Urdu

Scope of Study Abroad- Career Counseling Guide in Urdu

The scope of study abroad- career counseling guide in Urdu in the detailed terms is here for you. You can study abroad at the bachelors level, masters level or at the PHD level. Now many foreign universities favor and choose the applicants from the Asian region zone. They prefer students coming from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. In Pakistan, to study abroad and have the foreign level degree, this has become a trend and this trend should be taken on the positive note. This is a myth that only rich students can afford these studies and middle-class students cannot afford a foreign education. If you have exceptional grades and your previous academic record is also excellent then no one will stop you to get a foreign degree.

Scope of Study Abroad | Career Counseling Guide in Urdu

HEC Scholarships to Study Abroad- Great Platform for Students to Get a Foreign Degree

Now HEC announces foreign education scholarships on the most regular terms. This higher education commission selects the students from different zones of Pakistan on the basis of their academic marks and performance and then fund their foreign degree expenses. Now to study abroad is no more harder and tough because these HEC scholarships have simplified this education receiving process. Under these HEC scholarships, your maximum range of tuition fees and other expenses are covered. Now Higher education commission working as the senior education body in Pakistan, it regularly gives golden chances on the equal basis to all students of Pakistan to get the foreign degree in internationally recognized foreign universities.

Why does a Pakistani Student like to Get a Foreign Education?

  • To study abroad, it is like a lifetime experience. National level education does not give that kind of lifetime academic experience which any foreign degree gives!
  • Those who study abroad, their personalities and skills get crafted. This international education is a chance to groom yourself both academic, professionally wise.
  • The chance to study abroad makes your personality exemplary. An added edge and competitive point come on your CV and resume. You will get an additional point no matter you have done a short course from a foreign university.
  • The golden option to study abroad gives you chances to explore world and people. You expand your friend circle and zone of the network. A foreign education teaches you to change your weakness into firm amount of strengths. Basic and national level education fail to let you to recognize your strengths and hidden abilities. But a foreign platform education will first give you a chance to find the best points and powerful aspects present in your personality.

More details of all about the scope and worth of study abroad will be shared and details on the career counseling guide related to study abroad in Urdu will be provided too. You should spend some phase and time of your academic life in a foreign university so that your academic moments can have the blend of both international and national level education.


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