Scope of O Level & A Level in Pakistan Urdu Guide

Scope of O Level & A Level in Pakistan Urdu Guide

Scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan Urdu Guide

The scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan urdu guide is wider enough in Pakistan. This education system was historically introduced by Cambridge University and British Council, you can call them as the originators of this O-Level and A-Level education. Now the students of Pakistan, they are rapidly opting this British council based education system because lot more lucrative benefits are attached to it.

Scope of O Level & A Level in Pakistan Urdu Guide

Details of O-Level and A-Level Education

To enroll in this system, first a student has to complete his O-Level studies and then he continue with his A-level studies. These studies follow international Cambridge university syllabus. After 2  years, syllabus gets officially changed and altered by the British Council and exams papers are checked by the official and higher authorities of British council. These O-Level and A-Level focus on practical and conceptual learning tactics. It is far away different from rest of the education mediums. Its lucrative benefits are many in number. The O-level studies phase is of 3 years and then A-level studies is of 2 years. After this entire completion, students continue their bachelor studies phase.

Why Pakistani Students Prefer O-Level and A-Level Studies?

  • These studies are now in high demand, starting from the Pakistani firms to international companies and organizations, they prefer those set of applicants who have studied O-Level and A-Level. These students hold 100% preference in their hands when comes the phase of selection and shortlisting.
  • Students of Pakistan are being encouraged and also motivated a lot time again and again to opt these O-Level and A-Level studies because this education opens doors for them to work for foreign companies.

Value of O-Level and A-Level Studies

The value of these O-Level and A-Level studies is much higher. While comparing the worth of simple intermediate student with an A-level student, one can see the huge difference in their personality, caliber, communication level, speaking skill, stamina and IQ level. These O-Level and A-Level go beyond in these skills because this education is about grooming and polishing the skills and hidden talent of his student. And also while comparing the list of subjects of inter education with the subjects of A-level education, there is once again a noticeable difference. In inter and matric stream, you will see repetitive syllabus and monotonous pack of books. But in O-Level & A Level, syllabus and set of books gets revised after a gap of 2 years. No repetition and monotonous availability of books and syllabus is seen in this international status education.

Stay over here and then more details and much enriching educational and academic wise facts on scope of O-Level & A Level in Pakistan urdu guide will be shared. Now it is an expert advice that students can opt these O-Level & A Level studies because such a mode of study is packed with lucrative number of benefits which are hence beneficial and pose promising impact on the academic life of students.



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