Scope of Neuroscience in Pakistan

Scope of Neuroscience in Pakistan

Scope of Neuroscience in Pakistan

If you have this ambition that you want to link yourself with this field line of neuroscience then you should know in detail about this line of profession. You should have this clear idea that what are the career chances and job prospects if one is affiliated with the field line of neuroscience. For the information, this field of neuroscience, it is actually the study of nervous system. If you will become a neuroscientist then it will be your duty to try to have the complete understanding of all of the causes and also treatment of these neurological disorders. You will conduct researches on all kinds of neurological diseases like that of Parkinson as well as researches on Alzheimer's and other kinds of multiple sclerosis. You will study about the genetic causes, you will also study about risk factors which are involved in neurological diseases.

How to Become a Neuroscientist?

You can be in this field line if you will have your graduation degree in subject of neuroscience or in the subject of molecular biology. If you have your degree in discipline of biochemistry or in the subject of genetics pharmacology, if you have studied the program of physiology or you have been linked with degree program of psychology then you can also become a neuroscientist..

Skills Required in Field of Neuroscience

You should be able to co-operate very much effectively with the rest of your staff members. You need to create and make a multidisciplinary team.  Your writing skills should be excellent and you should have large amount of experience  in the area of report writing.  You need to possess a strong range of organization skills so that you can easily meet with the deadlines.

Careers Paths Opened in Field of Neuroscience

You can become a neurologist doctor, it is the job line where you will be treating patients and their nervous system disorders. You can even become a neurosurgeon, we are talking about brain surgeon. You can have the job line as biochemist. To be in the job line of neurobiologist or to be in the profession line of psychophysicist, you can opt them as well. Then this field of neuroscience also let you to be in the job profession as educational psychologist. In this job, you will be treating any kind of behavioral problems and you will be treating any sort of learning disabilities which are present in children. This is the main area of behavioral neuroscience and you will be asked to measure up the cognitive reasoning and also spatial reasoning by conducting psychometric tests .

Other Job Options in Field of Neuroscience

If you have studied this field of neuroscience then you can also become a neuropathologist, you can have your job line as neurophysiologist, you can be on the job line of neural stem cell researcher, neural engineer or on the post of computational neuroscientist.

So these are all possible job lines and career path lines which you can opt if you have studied the subjects and have the degree of neuroscience.


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