Scope of Media Planner

Scope of Media Planner

Scope of Media Planner in Pakistan

If one is looking for some constructive amount of information regarding all career worth details and scope information for this field line of media planner then we can give you complete details. Note that it is these media planner who work and serve in the media department, they work for these advertising agencies. They have this responsibility that they have to put up ad place ads right at the correct time and also at the correct place. They have to make sure that their advertisement and message gets reached to the desired audience and that too in least and less amount of money. It is also the job duty of these media planners that they have to gather up and collect information regarding these public views and too about their reading habits.  They have to carry out te evaluation of any kind of editorial content, they have to assess and evaluate programming so that they can successfully determine that whether the potential use of this world of media is reaching to audience or not.

Work Areas Opened For Media Planners

These media planners can work for newspapers and magazines, you can work for radio, television or for the billboards, you can have the job in the area and department line of electric displays of buses ad billboards. If you have complete knowledge about demographics as well as knowledge about statistics, then this field of media planning is correct for you. You can have jobs in the media buying houses. Do you know that the demand and need of these media planners is huge in these cities that includes New York and Chicago as well as in Los Angeles. These cities that include  San Francisco and Minneapolis, and also Dallas, they are extensively in need of media planners. For your starting and initial times, you can work for these small scale advertising firms and then later on you can work for the big firms.

Career Prospects in Field Line of Media Planning

If you will be posted and get hired on the entry-level professional position or at the managerial positions then it is must for you that you should have bachelor’s degree. You should have this liberal arts exposure. You can be on post of assistant media planner or you can have job as assistant media buyers, they are one of the great entry-level positions. If you are a fresh professional in this advertising world then you will initially be posted in the account management department or in the media department.

Future of Field Line of Media Planning

If you will start work and serve as junior media planner or you will start your job as media planner assistant then later on you will be posted on the large projects. While getting more experience, you will get the supervision and will see yourself on the post of senior level planner. As soon as you will get the five years experience then you will be asked to lead the bigger projects.  While having ten years experience, you can then be posted on the job of senior media planner, you will work for bigger and larger projects and too with prestigious and renowned national clients.

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