Career and Scope of Geology

Career and Scope of Geology


Geology is the branch of science which involves the study of substances that make up the earth. Their features, structures and physical history. It is literally derived from geo means "earth" and ology means "study of".

Geology Scope

Scope of Geology in Pakistan

Let us have a look at the details that what varied job options you can try if you have studied and been associated with the field of geology. If you have bachelors degree in this field then it is better to get a pre-professional training so that you can have a better range of career in this area of geology.

Careers in Field of Geology

You can work in the corporate sector and these field areas of oil and mining as well as environmental and engineering are opened for you. Then you can serve in nonprofit forms and areas of environmental and planning and too educational fields are opened for the individuals. Do you know that some of the major and big oil companies, they hire only geologists who have done with their masters degrees or with their PhD degrees. If you will work in the oil and natural gas firms and companies then you should have bachelors degrees in geology.

Careers in Field of Economic Geology

If you have studied economic geology then you can have and look for many jobs in the mining industry. In these economic jobs, you will be carrying out mining and also quarrying operations. You will carry out the persistent investigation and too informational interviewing.


"Career and Scope of Geology"

Careers Opened in Field of Environmental Geology

If you are a student of geology then you should have specialization in the field of environmental geology so that you can get better jobs. This is a wide field and in this field, you can have jobs related to the site assessment and site remediation. You can be in the department of groundwater geology or surface water hydrology. You can work for the government agency or can serve in the private kind of environmental consulting firm or company.

Career Fields in Geotechnical Geology, Engineering Geology

These subfields of geology which are geotechnical geology and also engineering geology, they are too facing progress now in their respective areas. These subfields are all concerned and related to the stability of these soil and rocks. You will get work tasks like that of soil sampling and also doing the assessment of some new construction sites if you are linked with these subfields. These geologists do carry out the construction of these roads and bridges, they are involved with the construction of dams and locks as well as the making of major and big buildings.


Teaching Field Opened For Geologists

If you have this geology degree then you can have a career in teaching as well, like you can be in the primary school or in some secondary school. There are many academic options which are currently being opened for geologists.

Other Job Options For a Geologist

  • Engineering geologist, geochemist.
  • Geophysicist seismologist, field seismologist.
  • Geoscientist, hydrogeologist.
  • Mudlogger, wellsite geologist.

Stay tuned and in near time more career paths and fresh employment opportunities will be told to readers regarding this field of geology.


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