Scope of Accounting in Pakistan

Scope of Accounting in Pakistan

Scope of Accounting in Pakistan

If you do think you are best in the subject of mathematics and accounting, then without any second thought in your mind, you would make your way into the profession of accounting. Being an accountant or the field of accountancy is high in demand these days. There are wide range of college and universities who are offering the accounting subject in the range of private and regular terms of study level.There are so many international universities as well who are involved in providing the online accounting degree programmes too. There are increased sum of opportunities that is being given to the degree holder of the accounting in the banks and companies.

As you would be searching around, you would be finding greater sum of career options that are meant for the expert of accountant in Pakistan. You can make your way into the accounting film where you will be provided with the graduate opportunities to start off with your career. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that the options of career in the field of accounting are wide-ranging.

Variations of Accounting Professions in Pakistan:

Accounting career in Pakistan is being categorized into two mediums mentioned as financial accounting and career in cost and management Accounting.  You can readily get yourself certified from Institutes of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) by getting CA (Chartered Accountancy) qualification.  If you have been thinking about moving into the field of Cost & Management Accounting then the best institute can be in the name of The Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan. ICMAP has been offering out with the certification of  one year as well as two year and a Final Certificate in Accountancy. So which one do you want to do?

Types of Jobs Related to Profession of Accounting:

                 If you want to add upon your degree with some accounting specialization, then there are so many options left around for you. You can grab the courses of bookkeeper, as well as financial accounting, audit or taxation course. You can do internal audit jobs, accounting manager and even the payroll jobs. These specializations will be helping you to moving into the areas of the multinational and national accounting firms in Pakistan. Scroll down and catch different professions of accounting in Pakistan to try out:

  • Tax planning job
  • Tax preparation job
  • Job of managerial accountant
  • Job of cost accountant
  • Job of governmental accountant
  • Auditing Jobs
  • Job of an international accountant
  • Corporate accountant job
  • Accounting and banking jobs
  • Job of actuaries
  • Jobs related to bookkeeping
  • Budget analysts jobs
  • Jobs as claims adjusters or as appraisers
  • Job as examiners and also as investigators
  • Job of cost estimators
  • Job of financial analysts
  • Jobs of financial managers
  • Insurance sales agents jobs
  • Insurance underwriters jobs
  • Loan officers job
  • Personal financial advisors job
  • Purchasing managers
  • Job as purchasing agents
  • Job as financial services sales agents
  • Tax examiners and jobs as collectors, and revenue agents

List of Careers Options Linked With Field of Accounting in Pakistan:

  • Career as an actuary
  • Career as an auditor
  • Bank Examiner career
  • Certified public accountant career
  • Career as a chief Accountant
  • Job as a controller
  • Job as finance Manager
  • Career as an internal auditor
  • Career as loan administrator
  • Career as a manager
  • Job as professor
  • Job as stockbroker
  • Career as tax advisor

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