Scope and Career of Pakistan Army

Scope and Career of Pakistan Army

Scope and Career of Pakistan Army in Pakistan

This sector and department of Pakistan army, it is a big one, its services are linked with security and defence for the country of Pakistan. Both of male and female candidates can serve in Pakistan army. You can work for this sector as sepoy. Only male candidates can work as sepoy. If your age is from 17.5 years till 23 years and our height is of 5 feet and 6 inches then you can work and serve as sepoy in this Pakistan army. From this page, you can get more information that how you can look for more jobs in this sector of Pakistan army. This army of Pakistan, they are in need of doctors as well. You can work as General Medical Duty Officer (GMDO) and by being on the post of captain. If you want to serve as GDMO officer then you should have educational qualification at least up to the level of MBBS. Or you can have equivalent qualification. Your MBBS degree has to be recognized from Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).

Job Options Opened in Pakistan Army

You can too work as dental surgeon as captain in this Pakistan army sector. For this job, line you should have the bachelor degree in dental surgery. Your degree and qualification should be recognized and identified from Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC).  If you have done your majors in subject of pathology or in the basic medicine sciences group, if your major is in the subject line of surgery or in gynecology then you can work in the medical section of Pakistan army as well. To work as a doctor in this sector, your age has to be from 28-31 years.

Job Opitons Opened in Pakistan Army for All Pakistan Women

  • You can work as a female soldier. You can even work as nursing cadet. If you are a female citizen of Pakistan and if you do have diploma in the subject of nursing, midwifery then you can be working as a trained nurse. Your age has to be from 18 to 28 years. This is the job option as female trained nurse if you want to work in Pakistan army.
  • These female candidates of Pakistan, they can work as captains too. With the help of this direct short service commission, you can serve on the post of Captain in this sector of Pakistan army. If you have your bachelors in subject of civil engineering or in the subject of architectural engineering, if your graduation is in town planning then you can work as captain.

This is how you can make your career in Pakistan army. We will share more details with you. If you are interested in joining Pakistan army then first make your mind and decide that which area you want to join of it. More of the career guide and scope information regarding job lines of army of Pakistan will be shared sooner.


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