Rocky Mountains Facts | North America Mountain Ranges

Rocky Mountains Facts | North America Mountain Ranges

In this general series article, we shall see the North America mountains range. North America is the third largest continent in the world. The Rocky Mountains are the most famous mountain range in North America. Followings are the Rocky Mountains and some other major mountain ranges in North America.

Rocky Mountains Facts

The Rocky Mountains is the longest mountain range in North America. Its length is about 4,800 kilometers and it is the second longest mountain range in the world (non-ocean) after Andes mountain range that lies in South America. Starting from North of Mexico it goes to Alaska. The Rocky Mountains are also known as Great Continental Divide as it divided the continent in two main drainage areas.

Rocky Mountains Facts

Mount McKinley, Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are rich in mineral deposits like Coal, Oil and gas etc. There is a lot to discuss about Rocky Mountain that we do in some later writings but right now we let it aside for some specific article as this article is primarily giving a brief overview of regional mountain ranges.  The highest peak in the Rockies is Mount Elbert about 14,440 feet high and located in Colorado USA. There are dozens of subranges that are part of the Rocky Mountains.   

Rocky Mountains Facts

Rocky Mountains

Appalachian Mountains

The Appalachian Mountains is the second longest range in North America after the Rocky Mountains. it is mainly located in USA mainland territory through some portion is in South East Canada as well. Its length is about 2400 kilometers. Historically these acts as the natural boundary for the 13 British colonies, as all British settlement before USA independence (1776) were towards the east of it. There are some large plateaus in Appalachian. The highest peak in Appalachian is Mount Mitchell (6,684 feet) located in North Carolina

The Cascades

This range exists in western North America toward west of Rockies, some portion of it is in British Colombia, Canada but most of it resides in US states Oregon, Washington and northern California. If you see in the map it made a wider V look along with Sierra Nevada. It is about 1,100 kilometers long. Mount Hood11,235 feet in Oregon is its highest peak.

Sierra Nevada

It is also in the west of Rockies and right of Coastal Range also in parallel to it. It is about 1,500 kilometers long & less high than the Cascade Range. Quite rich in mineral resources like gold, iron, silver and lead etc.

Sierra Nevada’s highest peak is Mount Whitney with more than 14,000 feet height. The literal meaning of Sierra Nevada is a snow-covered mountain range. These granite mountains are usually considered quite young that are not old more than 20 million years. It is the home of world tallest trees Giant Sequoia. This range is about 650 kilometers long.

Sierra Madres

Sierra Madres lies in South of North America, stretching through the length of Central America. It is about 2,400 kilometers long. Sierra is a Spanish word used for the mountain range, so it is used in names of mountain ranges that are located in the area historically part of Spanish colonial empire.Quite rich in mineral resources like gold, iron, silver and lead etc. Pico de Orizaba is its highest peak, in fact, with the height of 18,491 feet it is the highest peak of Mexico as well

Coastal Range

The coastal range lies in the extremer west of North America along the Pacific coast, stretching from California to British Colombia, Canada up to the southern edge of Alaska. It is about 1,600 kilometers long. Mount McNeil (7550 feet) is considered coastal range highest point, Coastal ranges area is well known for its rainforest, rugged mountains and fertile valleys

Alaska Range

Alaska Range as the name suggests is in US state Alaska, starting from its center south goes up to Canada North West territory Yukon. It is the highest mountain range is North America. Mount Denali that is the highest peak in North America lies here.

Brooks Range

The Brooks Range lies in Alaska, about 1,100 kilometers long. It also stretches from (northern) Alaska to Yukon Territory, Canada. Its highest peak is Mount Chamberlin about 9,020 feet.

North America Mountain Ranges - Brooks Range

North America Mountain Ranges - Brooks Mountains

Boston Mountains

Boston Mountains are in the Centre of the USA that is not more 3,500 feet at their maximum.

Allegheny Mountains

It is also in the Eastern part of USA and most commonly taken as the western extension of Appalachian Mountain Range.

Watkins Range

Watkins Range is the Greenland highest mountain range located on the eastern coast of the island. The tallest mountain of the island Gunnbjorn's Fjeld 12,139 feet is also located here,  

The Caribbean is the region comprises of islands of Caribbean sea like Cuba, west indies islands etc. Where as Central America is used to refer the seven North America (tiny) countries that are in the south of Mexico. Some of these areas (Caribbean & Central America) major mountain ranges are as following

Caribbean Mountain Ranges

  1. Sierra Maestra (Cuba)
  2. Cordillera Central (Dominican Republic)
  3. Sierra de Bahoruco (Haiti)

Central America Mountain Ranges

  1. Cordillera de Talamanca (Costa Rica)
  2. Cordillera Isabelia (Honduras & Nicaragua)
  3. Maya Mountains (Belize)
  4. Serrania de Tabasara (Panama)


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