Religion and Reasoning

Religion and Reasoning

Should one use his mind in religious affairs or it is disrespecting or something like an infidel practice?

It is often argued even forced through various ways to believe non-authentic, illogical, non-traceable and the literature that contradicts to Allah direct saying (Quran), especially in the radicalized societies. Arguing on any questionable stuff is discouraged by several ways. For instance, it is said that real belief is something that you recognize without any reasoning, without arguing, without questioning. Believe worth of blind followers is regarded far high than those who ask for ask, thus make the understanding of the essence of practicing traditions or rituals forbidden. The west has achieved considerable freedom from these primitive restraints during their transitional phase lasted in last few centuries but it is not subverted in east especially in muslin world where the religion in its pure form is not dependent on these restraints and that is the most disturbing aspect of it at least for me.

Let's do a brief postmortem of this hypothesis

1. First, analyze it in the way that would not specific to religious perspective but as a general phenomenon. When we examine the religious or ideological conversion anywhere, what is the primary driving force behind any such conversion that involves a group of people to move from one camp to another (of any type like religious or some ideological group as I said earlier). The answer is reasoning, one thinks that his current belief is not the right one and something seems better in the other one (belief/ideology). Almost all such migration, switch or decision making what so ever we call it involves some logical argument(until unless koi bachi sshi ka chaker na ho)

2. Now see again from religion perspective but through some other angle, how people of one religion (belief) who feel that their religion is righteous one and they do not want to establish this or they do not feel any need for logical reasoning to stand on it, ok fine. But at the same time are saying the others are at not right path. How? Because in according to this mindset (same argument) the other can also be right. If you don’t need any reasoning to judge then why other bother for it.

3. Now, each group of people who believe in a specific set of thoughts, in fact, any social idea from its roots start from one a couple of people and then with the passage of time flourishes. How? From preaching or if preach looks a bit radical then you can say by convincing others. Now, if it is the elementary principle that the belief is something that cannot be questioned, argue or reasoning then how to convince someone, how to preach it.

So, simply evaluating this through any aspect would yield the same result that it is baseless and mere ignorance. Despite this fact, unfortunately, the debate does not end at here as it is argued that there are a lot of such groups with enormous volume can be found throughout the world which are being followed blindly, how? Why usually clergy ask people to believe so? Why people have such beliefs and last what he Islam/Quran says about it etc.… continue


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