s Qamar Iqbal Sufi - The Greatest Muslim Spiritual Leader of 21st Century
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Qamar Iqbal Sufi - The Greatest Muslim Spiritual Leader of 21st Century

Qammar Iqbal Sufi - Introduction, Services For Spiritualism/Islam & List of Books
Qamar Iqbal Sufi is the real spiritual leader of of 21st century. He has a very balanced approach towards Islam and every day life. He is trying his best to train the laymen about the spirituality through is easy to understand books on spiritualism. I have read more than 10000 books but his books are unique in nature. He has made spiritualism easy for common man. He is strictly against sectarianism like all Aulia-e-Allah. In fact he is a living legend of Islamic spiritualism who is trying hard to teach all the lessons of spirituality to common Muslims. Due to his logical books on Islamic spiritualism educated class of Pakistan and all other Urdu and English speaking countries are diverting towards Islam and real spiritualism. In fact he is Zakir Naik of Pakistan and spirituality. You may download his free book Islam oar Rohaniat from https://play.google.com.  

Qamar Iqbal Sufi - The Greatest Muslim Spiritual Leader of 21st Century 

Large number of non Muslims have embraced Islam after reading his books on spiritualism. He has given the solutions of all human problems in the light of Islamic teachings in his books but still everyone can contact him very easily. I viewed his interview on an international TV channel in 2003 but unfortunately i met him last year as he was preaching Islam in Holland till 2014. Thanks God that now he has decided to stay in Pakistan. Hopefully soon he will migrate from Chakwal to Lahore. You can contact him on his personal email address qamariqbalsufi@gmail.com. I informed him that in Pakistan no one is ready to see the real picture of Islam and spiritualism but now after making his network in Europe he is committed to spread the real picture of Islamic spiritualism in Pakistan. I have never seen such a intellectual, sincere and practical Muslim in my whole life. His majority of prayers are accepted by Almighty Allah due to his pure and sincere heart. He has ability of receiving Kashaf too. I have personally experienced many incidents of his 100% true Kashafs. 
Last year i informed him that a professor and so called spiritualism expert of TEVTA has copied more that 40 pages of his one book, but i was surprised to see his response as he said to me that he is trying to address the public opinion makers in the first stage and these people can easily recognize the genuine work. Let the so called professor to do his work as no one can work beyond his nature,     
Qamar Iqbal Sufi has written many books Here is the list of his most popular books;
  • Ruhaniyat oar Shaur e Zindagi 
  • Ruhaniyat, Danish oar Haqiqaten
  • Ruhani Quwat oar Danish e Insani 
  • Asrar e Palmistry 
  • Israr e Ruhaniyat Oar Kamyab Zindagi     
He has also written many booklets on spiritual solutions of different problems. I have written this article on myteststudy.comto pay my personal tribute to the greatest Muslim spiritual leader of 21st century. We shall soon publish a detailed interview of Qamar Iqbal Sufi, so stay in touch with myteststudy.com for reading articles on spiritualism and spiritual healing.     



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