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Punjab Government Online Job Portal - Registration

Punjab government has taken a great initiative for unemployed youth of the province. Now all unemployed citizens of the province can get themselves registered on the official Punjab government online job portal. This job portal can play an important role in reducing the rate of unemployment in the province.
Online Job Portal By Punjab Province- Registration Details in Urdu Language 
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Punjab Government Online Job Portal - Registration

If you have got a good qualification in any field of studies then get yourself register on the official Punjab government online job portal i.e Www. is the first ever public online job portal in Pakistan. Federal government and other provinces of Pakistan must also launch online job portals to facilitate the unemployed youth of the country.
Any unemployed person of Punjab province can make his account on this online job portal. Females can also make their account on it. Procedure of making an account is very easy. Punjab government is not taking any fee from unemployed persons for making account on this online job portal. Hopefully with the passage of time Punjab government will provide many other facilities too just like primier private sector job websites, so that more unemployed people and employers may prefer this website on private portals. 
Businessmen can also advertise vacant posts in their organizations at Punjab government online job portal. First of all they will have to get themselves registered on this website. Registration for employers is also free. More than 50 categories have been introduced in this website. Still there is need to add more categories.   
All job seekers of Punjab must make their account immediately at www. in the category of their choice and expertise. Share this information with your unemployed friends. 
Social Pages of Online Job Portal of Punjab Government   
Read the details in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this page. Visit and its facebook page for latest job alerts.  



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