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PU Going to Launch Punjab University Medical College

For the information, a medical college will now be opened by Punjab University and it will be named as Punjab University medical college. The first session of this medical college will sooner be started. This college will be offering medical study programs also dental study programs. We know that FSc pre medical students, they have to face lot of competition during entrance tests MCAT times and many students apply for these MBBS universities, medical and dental universities. So in order to facilitate and compensate these FSC pre medical students Punjab University has launched the first session of its Punjab University medical college. In Punjab, thousand number of students apply to these public medical and dental colleges and few of the seats are there as well. Deserving students also fail to get their seat in these medical and dental colleges because of tough competition and high merit. A need of more medical colleges and too dental colleges is the need of the time. That is why, Punjab University has taken initiative and launched this medical college that will offer medicine subjects and subjects and courses related to dental programs.
PU Going to Launch Punjab University Medical College
This Punjab University Medical College will be equipped with international level of education and standards. So far, initial planning and startup phase for this medical and dental college has been started out. Along with this medical college, a teaching hospital will also be constructed so that house job experience and complete practical training can be given to the MBBS and dental students. This teaching hospital which will be constructed by Punjab University, it will give free aid and free medical service to the patients. Moreover, this Teaching hospital will comprise of latest and advanced research facilities and also latest laboratories. For this medical and dental college project, Professor Dr Muhammad Awais is appointed and hired as project director for this PU Medical College Lahore.
In near time, the very first session of this PU medical and dental college will be started.  Professor Dr Muhammad Awais stated that more than and about 100 new programs will also be started after the completion of this project. All of these 100 programs will be linked with the fields and areas of medicine. After this project, more than and about 100 research based thesis will too be published by PU and 5 new research based journals will be published by this reputed university PU. All of these achievement are the milestones and tremendous achievements in the history of PU. Stay connected so that instant updates about this PU Medical College can be given to you. This Punjab University has always made and came up with creative initiatives and better projects for the betterment of its students. Among its milestone projects, we have this Punjab University medical college project. Stay tuned on this page and get more new and updates about this medical college. In near time, this medical college will complete its construction phase and admissions will then be started in this PU medical college.



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