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Professor Fazal Karim - Best Muslim Expert of Reiki, Meditation & Spiritual Healing

Best Expert of Islamic Spiritual Healing, Reiki Treatment & Meditation in Muslim World-Professor Fazal Karim 
Professor Fazal Karim is basically a professor of Physics, who is working on scientific spiritual healing. He is doing experiments on the usage of resonance and frequency of waves for distance reiki, and spiritual healing. He is the first ever Muslim expert of distance reiki. Now a days he is writing a detailed book on different aspects of Islamic spiritual healing, meditation and reiki treatment. His sons engineer Abdul Rehman and Dr Ahsan Karim are assisting him in this unique research. 

Professor Fazal Karim - Best Muslim Expert of Reiki, Meditation & Spiritual Healing 

Professor Fazal Karim the great is the only spiritual healer of the world who is providing his services free of cost to the whole world, Even you can contact him round the clock on his mobile number 0321-6460108. You will just have to tell your name to him and in case of no positive effect send him sms about your current position. Professor Fazal Karim will not charge even a penny from you for the treatment of any disease. 
He is a real saint of Almighty Allah in 21st century. Large number of politicians, bureaucrats, foreigners contact him daily for prayer and treatment. I read about him on internet till that time my whole family contact him daily through sms. I request you to contact him through sms only and if you want to call this great personality then call him during the regular office timing only. Foreign callers should contact him as per Pakistan standard time. He is still not allowing me to publish his photograph. Through this post i will like to request him to allow me for publishing his image as many fake professors are also using his name in the field of palmistry. Stay in touch with us for reading articles on reiki, meditation & spiritual Healing. Wish you all the best.      
Description- All about professor Fazal Karim the great expert of Islamic spiritual healing, reiki treatment & meditation. Click me to get contact # of Prof Fazal Karim Khan.  



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