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Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi Admission 2018

Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi Admission 2018

Students can now take admission in Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi Admission 2018. This cadet college is for both girls and boys. For classes of 6,7 and 8, they have started their admissions 2018. Limited seats are there only. We know, many parents are afraid to spend so much on the education of their children. Now, many of the educational institutions, they have become expensive and parents cannot afford to admit their kids in those colleges and schools. To avoid this unbearable situation. Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi has opened their admissions for these parents so that they can admit their kids without facing and bearing heavy fees. This college will give bright future and bright career point to your children. Details of their current on going admission for the concerned classes are written below:

Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi Admission 2018 are opened for which classes?

Note that for these classes 6,7 and 8, students can apply. This college is located on the main high way and you can access this cadet college easily.

Programs offered in Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi Admission 2018?

  • Apart from the admissions in 6, 7 and 8 classes, this college has started admission in FA and FSC programs and too in ICOM, ICS programs. Both girls and boys can apply. This program of FA, it stands for Intermediate in arts and here you can study about the arts and humanities subjects. For ICOM programs, students will learn about commerce and accounting programs.
  • Then for ICS programs, students will be taught regarding the subjects of computer science. This degree of ICS stands for Intermediate in computer science.
  • Lastly for FSC program, pre medical and pre engineering admissions are started.

Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi Admission 2018

How to apply for Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi in admissions 2018?

You can visit this website, This website will give information about the admission details of 6,7 and 8 classes and also details of intermediate admissions in FSC, ICOM, FA and ICS programs. You can log into this official site of cadet college and know about their process of registering and admission.

Contact details of Pak Forces Cadet College

Their mobile phone number is 0300-9149009 and their land line number is 051-4680911 and 22. So call on these mobile phone numbers and landline numbers and get information of their admission 2018. Regularly check their site and apply on time. Students getting admission in 6,7 and 8 classes, candidates getting admission in 1st year classes, they can consider this cadet college which is in Rawalpindi.

Further information of this Pak Forces Cadet College Rawalpindi Admission 2018 will be given. Last date to register, their test and result date, these dates will sooner be updated over here. Apply to this cadet college and make your future secured and brighter for you. Admissions are made strictly on merit basis. Come on merit and reserve your seat and confirm your admission in this cadet college of Rawalpindi. Stay tuned with us.



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