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Myteststudy.com publishes articles and online test just for general information purpose. Our research team uses different resources for collection of information like Internet, books, print and electronic media. We have our own library with the collection of more than 10000 books. We are continuously trying  to add more books in our reference library to facilitate our writers.  We always try provide the sources of information in our articles. We are thankful to Wikipedia.com too, as we know that majority of our free lancer writers collect data for their articles from Wikipedia.com. We are committed to publish just reliable and authentic information, but being human we know that to err is human, so  we are not liable for accuracy, reliability and authentication of these information.  You must visit the original sources of our information for verification, as we try our level best  to provide the source of our information. You must visit the official website of any educational institute or read the details in the original source e.g newspaper ad for verifying the information given on our website.  
We also want to warn all of you that never  take information provided by us as final reference as we are secondary source of any kind of information.  You are therefore advised to verify each and every information given on our website before involving in any activity related to that information. We publish each and every information with great care and after research still being human we are not responsible at all about any error, misleading statement/information, omission or the non authenticity of any information on myteststudy.com.
Disclaimer About Copy Rights
We respect the copy rights of everyone, that's why try our level best to publish information and pictures on our website with due acknowledgement.  We try to get images only from free sources from Internet. We have noticed that many free images providing websites don't publish their terms and conditions clearly. If we have used any image of such website, then just inform us once, we shall remove it within 2 to 3 days. By the grace of Almighty Allah there is no question of publishing any copy righted material on our website, as we publish each and every article after great research. We even publish newspaper cutting and ads with due acknowledgement of their copy rights.  Although we just publish hundred percent unique and original articles, but still we are always ready to remove the copied articles or images in case of any complaint. Just remember one thing that we are team of professional education-list and we  respect and obey all international and local copy right laws.
We are sure that no other website will also not use our copy righted material for any commercial purpose without prior permission and proper acknowledgement. We shall take strict legal action against the websites which will use our copy righted material. Myteststudy.com some times publishes links and newspaper ads of different organizations, individuals and institutions. We want to make it clear on all of you that neither we are responsible for their authenticity or the information given in their ads or websites.  Nobody have right ti make us liable for wrong and illegal use of any data provided on our website as we always recommend you to verify information given on our website before taking any action.       
Our Commenting Policy
Any one of you can comment on our website. We have hired a team of professionals of different fields to guide the students. We shall try to reply your queries within the minimum possible time. We shall reply your queries as per our best of knowledge and belief. You are therefore advised to verify our replies from other related sources too. We are not responsible for any mistake. Our quick response team has all the rights to delete bad comments or people.  



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