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Out of The Box Economics-One Solution For All Economic Problems

MBC System By Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan For Out of The Box Economics Solutions 
If you are student or researcher of Economics and searching for a out of the box solution for all economical problems of the world then now you have landed on the right page. On this page we shall introduce you with one of the best economic theories of the world i.e MBCS (Mutual Benefit Coupon System). Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan has presented this theory of economics. He is basically a eye surgeon and freelance economist. He has written many books on MBC system in English and Urdu. His system is interest free system where nobody have to pay even a penny for a business loan. Nobody will have to pay any kind of government taxes. Salaries will be doubled in no time and utility bills will be three time lesser than now. 

Out of The Box Economics-One Solution For All Economic Problems 


Out of The Box Economics-One Solution For All Economic Problems 

In fact its a magical and out the box economics which present the solution of all economics problems. No one in the world is ready to accept this game changer plan as it will eliminate all kinds of discrimination and exploitation from the world. MBC system is the est alternative of Communism and socialism as its basic principles have been taken from Islam. You can read the details about about MBC system presented by Dr Nia Ahmed Khan in the newspaper ad cutting given below this post. 
For further details visit On this website you may read and download all English and Urdu books of Dr Niaz Ahmad. Bedar Pakistan is the NGO founded by Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan which is striving to promote his new and out of the box solution for all global economic problems, All Pakistani people should  become the member of  Bedar Pakistan. We have read all the books of Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan on MBCS and we assure him that will play a role of a volunteer in his campaign for introducing Islamic economics system in Pakistan and all over the world. 
We also want to request Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan, who is working as head of eye department in Alzuhra Hospital UAE, to come in Pakistan and take part in politics. He should at least present his program to all national parties and in case on no positive response he must launch his own political party. We want to pay our tribute to all the members of this noble movement. May Almighty Allah help you all. Stay in touch with and its sister website for guidance about your all problems. Our facebook also impress you a lot Inshaa Allah.  



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