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Following is some general info related to world
  • Currency of Dominica is East Caribbean dollar
  • Parliament of Switzerland is known as Federal Assembly
  • Currency of Monaco is Euro
  • World biggest (water volume) waterfall is Niagara fall
  • Longest river of the Asia is Yangtze
  • Largest island of the world is Greenland
  • MAO School was established in 1875
  • Inventor of dynamite is Alfred Nobel
  • Currency of Iraq is dinar
  • Currency of Austria is Euro (old = schilling)
  • The starit that seprates India & Sri Lanka is Palk Strait
  • Currency of Niger is CFA Franc
  • The starit that connects Atlantic ocean and Mediterainian sea is Gibraltar strait
  • Inventor of vaccination is Edward Jenner
  • Capital of Georgia is Tbilisi
  • Capital of Iran is Tehran
  • Congress ministries were formed in 7 provinces of India in 1937
  • Currency of San Marino is Euro
  • Currency of Australia is Australian dollar
  • Capital of Egypt is Cairo
  • 7th cricket world cup hosted by England
  • Currency of Latvia is Lats
  • SEATO was signed on 8th September 1954
  • Capital of Guinea is Conakry
  • Capital of Sweden is Stockholm
  • Currency of Saudi Arabia is Riyal
  • Inventor of quartz clock is Warren A. Marrison
  • Currency of Madagascar is Malagasy franc
  • Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan is basically a Metallurgists
  • Inventor of vulcanized rubber is Charles Goodyear
  • The canal that connects three main European rivers is Rhine Main Danube Canal
  • Currency of Mongolia is Tugrik
  • Capital of Marshall Islands is Majuro
  • Capital of Seychelles is Victoria
  • Currency of Iran is Rial
  • Inventor of automated teller machine (ATM) is Don Wetzel
  • The starit that connects Baffin Bay & Atlantic Ocean is Davis Strait
  • Inventor of parachute is AndrĂ© Jacques Garnerin
  • Currency of Maldives is Rufiya
  • LFO stands for Legal Frame Work Order