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Following is some general info related to world
  • Inventor of pen, ballpoint is Lazlo Biro
  • Currency of Bahrain is Bahrain dinar
  • Currency of Republic of Congo is CFA Franc
  • Currency of North Korea is Won
  • Currency of Solomon Islands is Solomon Islands dollar
  • Pakistan hosted the SAARC Summit first time in 1988
  • Inventor of sonar is Paul Langevin
  • Capital of Egypt is Cairo
  • Capital of Hungary is Budapest
  • Inventor of fueled liquid rocket engine is Robert H. Goddard
  • Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are around Persian Gulf
  • Currency of Cameroon is CFA Franc
  • Capital of Azerbaijan is Baku
  • Inventor of quartz clock is Warren A. Marrison
  • OIC was formed in 1969
  • World's second largest (by volume) river of the world is Congo
  • Pakistan recognized the Bangladesh in 1974
  • Capital of El Salvador is San Salvador
  • Currency of Greece is Euro (old = drachma)
  • Capital of Tunisia is Tunis
  • Capital of Armenia is Yerevan
  • Brazil was discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral (Portuguese)
  • The starit that joins Japan Sea and Pacific Ocean is Tsungaru Strait
  • Capital of Syria is Damascus
  • Inventor of electronic mail (e mail) is Ray Tomlinson
  • Capital of Kyrgyzstan is Bishtek
  • Inventor of pencil is Conrad Gesner
  • Largest river of the world is Amazon
  • The starit that connects Adriatic Sea & Ionian Sea is Strait of Otranto
  • Capital of Bahrain is Manama
  • Africa largest lake is Lake Victoria
  • Capital of Turkey is Ankara
  • Currency of Monaco is Euro
  • 2nd cricket world cup won by West Indies
  • Hawaiian Island was discovered by Captain James cook(1770)
  • Capital of Panama is Panama City
  • Currency of Côte d'Ivoire is CFA Franc
  • Inventor of laser is Gordon Gould and Charles Hard Townes, Arthur L. Schawlow
  • Currency of Albania is Lek
  • Currency of Nauru is Australian dollar