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Following is some general info related to world
  • Kargil war was fought in 1999
  • Pakistan bought the Gwadar from Muscat on 1958
  • Capital of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby
  • Parliament of Russia is known as State Duma (lower house) & Federation Council (upper house)
  • Currency of Italy is Euro (old = lira)
  • Currency of Albania is Lek
  • Currency of Tonga is Pa'anga
  • Pakistan refused to send its army in Saudi Arabia against Yemen
  • Inventor of electrocardiogram (ECG) is Willem Einthoven
  • Parliament of Canada is known as Parliament (Lower House:House of Commons, Upper House:Senate)
  • Central National Mohammadan Association was founded in 1877 by Syed Ameer Ali
  • Capital of Sao Tome and Principe is Sao Tome
  • Quit India Movement was launched in 1942
  • Inventor of calculator is Jack S. Kilby
  • Currency of Malawi is Kwacha
  • Currency of Peru is Nuevo sol
  • Capital of Australia is Canberra
  • Radioactive rays emit from Nucleus
  • Currency of Bangladesh is Taka
  • Currency of Palau is U.S. dollar used
  • Inventor of bar code is Joseph Woodland
  • Currency of Lesotho is Maluti
  • Capital of Slovakia is Bratislava
  • Capital of Ireland is Dublin
  • Capital of Japan is Tokyo
  • The starit that connects Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea is Yucatan Strait
  • Capital of Somalia is Mogadishu
  • Capital of The Bahamas is Nassau
  • Inventor of mobile is Bell Laboratories
  • Currency of Panama is balboa/ U.S. dollar
  • Inventor of aspirin is Felix Hoffmann (Bayer)
  • Tashkent Declaration was signed in 1966
  • Capital of Belgium is Brussels
  • Brazil was discovered by Pedro Alvares Cabral (Portuguese)
  • The starit that connects Marmara Sea and Agean Sea is Dardenleez Strait
  • Currency of Japan is Yen
  • The canal that connects Atlantic ocean and Pacific ocean is Panama Canal
  • Currency of Belarus is Belorussian ruble
  • Capital of Serbia and Montenegro is Belgrade
  • Currency of Egypt is Egyptian pound