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Following is some general info related to world
  • Inventor of bifocal lens is Benjamin Franklin
  • Currency of Gambia is Dalasi
  • Capital of Syria is Damascus
  • Currency of Netherlands is Euro (old = guilder)
  • Capital of Bulgaria is Sofia
  • Inventor of microwave oven is Percy L. Spencer
  • Berlin Wall between East and West Germany was destroyed in 1989
  • Most dry area of the world is Atacama Desert, Chile
  • Inventor of chewing gum is Thomas Adams
  • Inventor of fluorescent lights is TESLA, NIKOLA
  • Capital of Nicaragua is Managua
  • Inventor of dynamite is Alfred Nobel
  • Inventor of safety razor is King Camp Gillette
  • First world war continued from 1914 to 1918
  • Currency of Turkey is Turkish lira
  • Currency of Latvia is Lats
  • Currency of Botswana is Pula
  • Suez Canal was bult in 1869
  • ECO is the abbreviation of Economic Cooperation Organization
  • Capital of Taiwan is Taipei
  • Cold war continued till 1991
  • Pakistan joined the NAM in 1979
  • Capital of Benin is Portois -Novo
  • Currency of Sudan is Dinar
  • 10th cricket world cup hosted by India/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh
  • Parliament of Denmark is known as Folketing
  • Capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires
  • Currency of Mauritania is Ouguiya
  • Capital of Djibouti is Djibouti
  • Capital of France is Paris
  • Currency of Taiwan is Taiwan dollar
  • Currency of United Kingdom is Pound sterling (£)
  • Parliament of India is known as Parliament (Lok Sabha is the Lower house & Rajya Sabha is the Upper House)
  • Capital of Venezuela is Caracas
  • Currency of Brunei is Brunei dollar
  • Currency of Burkina Faso is CFA Franc
  • Currency of Algeria is Dinar
  • Inventor of dry cleaning is Jean Baptiste Jolly
  • Inventor of dishwasher is Josephine Cochrane
  • Capital of New Zealand is Wellington