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Following is some general info related to world
  • USA has given nuclear umbrella to Japan
  • The strait that joins Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean Magellan strait
  • Currency of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Marka
  • Currency of Switzerland is Swiss franc
  • Currency of Serbia is Serbian dinar
  • Inventor of AstroTurf is James M. Faria, Robert T. Wright
  • Capital of Bulgaria is Sofia
  • Currency of Afghanistan is Afghani
  • Capital of Guineais Bissau is - Bissau
  • Capital of Jordan is Amman
  • The starit that connects Atlantic ocean and Mediterainian sea is Gibraltar strait
  • Currency of Côte d'Ivoire is CFA Franc
  • Capital of United States is Washington D.C.
  • Capital of Kazakhstan is Astana
  • Largest landlock sea is Caspian Sea
  • Capital of Ireland is Dublin
  • Longest river of the Asia is Yangtze
  • Liaquat Ali Khan refused to visit USSR
  • Capital of Benin is Portois -Novo
  • West Indies is a Region of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Pakistan hosted the SAARC Summit first time in 1988
  • Parliament of India is known as Parliament (Lok Sabha is the Lower house & Rajya Sabha is the Upper House)
  • Capital of Bhutan is Thimphu
  • Parliament of U.S.A. is known as Congress (Lower House is known as house of Representatives & Upper house is known as Senate)
  • Capital of Liechtenstein is Vaduz
  • Capital of Iran is Tehran
  • Capital of Moldova is Chisinau
  • Tashkent Declaration was signed in 1966
  • Hawaiian Island was discovered by Captain James cook(1770)
  • Currency of Ecuador is U.S. dollar
  • Capital of Australia is Canberra
  • Capital of Vietnam is Hanoi
  • The only sea without a land boundary is Sargasso Sea
  • Currency of Papua New Guinea is Kina
  • Inventor of roller coaster is LeMarcus A. Thompson
  • Inventor of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is Eugen Baumann
  • Currency of Taiwan is Taiwan dollar
  • Capital of Egypt is Cairo
  • Capital of Guyana is Georgetown
  • America was discovered by Cristopher Columbus in 1492