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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Bone of contention between USA and North Korea is Atomic program of North Korea
  • Arunachal Pradesh became state in 1972
  • The starit that seprates Asia and North America is Bering Strait
  • Old name of Cambodia is Kampuchea
  • Iraq captured Kuwait in 1990
  • Currency of Montenegro is Euro
  • Grenada gained independence from Britain in 1974
  • Inventor of coins is Lydians
  • Vietnam war was started in 1955 and it continued till 1975
  • Parliament of Poland is known as Sejin
  • Burundi gained independence from Belgiom (earlier colonized by Germany) in 1962
  • Currency of Western Sahara is Tala
  • Gujarat became state in 1960
  • Currency of Slovakia is Koruna
  • Capital of Moldova is Chisinau
  • Currency of Mauritania is Ouguiya
  • Currency of Gambia is Dalasi
  • Parliament of India is known as Parliament (Lok Sabha is the Lower house & Rajya Sabha is the Upper House)
  • Currency of Cyprus is Cyprus pound
  • Tunisia father of nation is Habib Bourguiba
  • Currency of Kiribati is Australian dollar
  • Old name of Indonesia is Dutch East Indies
  • Currency of United States is dollar
  • Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta
  • Netherlands father of nation is William the Silent
  • Inventor of contact lenses is Adolf Fick
  • Guyana gained independence from Britain in 1966
  • Africa largest lake is Lake Victoria
  • Currency of Madagascar is Malagasy franc
  • Third largest island of the world is Borneo
  • Inventor of air conditioning is Willis Haviland Carrier
  • Capital of Arunachal Pradesh is Itanagar
  • Sierra Leone gained independence from Britain in 1961
  • 9th cricket world cup hosted by West Indies
  • Pakistan joined the NAM in 1979
  • Pakistan became the Member of UNO on 30 September, 1947
  • Capital of Assam is Dispur
  • Inventor of submarine is Cornelis Drebbel
  • Inventor of escalator is Jesse W. Reno
  • Capital of Russia is Moscow