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Following is some general info related to world
  • Tashkent Declaration was signed in 1966
  • Inventor of assault rifle is Hugo Schmeisser
  • Currency of Thailand is baht
  • Capital of Democratic Republic of the Congo is Kinshasa
  • Currency of Gabon is CFA Franc
  • Inventor of refrigerator is John Gorrie
  • Currency of Bulgaria is Lev
  • Inventor of typewriter is Christopher Latham Sholes
  • Hong kong lies on the bank of Pearl river
  • Inventor of submarine is Cornelis Drebbel
  • Capital of India is New Delhi
  • The starit that connects Adriatic Sea & Ionian Sea is Strait of Otranto
  • Communal Award was made by the British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald on 16 August 1932
  • Currency of Cameroon is CFA Franc
  • The first large scale Afro Asian conference (Bandung Conference) was held in 1955
  • ECO is the abbreviation of Economic Cooperation Organization
  • Currency of Eritrea is Nakfa
  • New York lies on the bank of Hudson river
  • Currency of Romania is Leu
  • Karachi Nuclear Power Complex was established with the help of China
  • Capital of Dominica is Roseau
  • Currency of Iraq is dinar
  • Capital of San Marino is San Marino
  • MAO school Aligarh got the status of college in 1877
  • Capital of Djibouti is Djibouti
  • Capital of Iran is Tehran
  • Capital of Niger is Niamey
  • Inventor of microwave oven is Percy L. Spencer
  • Inventor of electric iron is Henry W. Seely
  • Currency of Denmark is Krone
  • Currency of Greece is Euro (old = drachma)
  • Inventor of vaccination is Edward Jenner
  • The starit that seprates South and North Newzeland is Cook strait
  • Currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge
  • Capital of Marshall Islands is Majuro
  • Largest country without river is Saudi Arabia
  • Currency of Netherlands is Euro (old = guilder)
  • Currency of Oman is Omani rial
  • Capital of Mali is Bamako
  • Longest river of the Australia is Murray Darling river