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Following is some general info related to world
  • 9th cricket world cup won by australia
  • Parliament of Nepal is known as Panchayat
  • Capital of Bolivia is La Paz
  • CENTO is the abbreviation of Central Treaty Organization
  • Currency of Dominica is East Caribbean dollar
  • Capital of Netherlands is Amsterdam
  • Inventor of electric iron is Henry W. Seely
  • Currency of Brazil is Real
  • Capital of Marshall Islands is Majuro
  • Inventor of atomic bomb is J. Robert Oppenheimer, et al.
  • Bhagat Singh was hanged on 23rd March 1931
  • Capital of Republic of the Congo is Brazzaville
  • Ramadan fasts were made obligatory on all adult Muslims in 2 Hijrah
  • Currency of Slovenia is euro
  • Currency of St. Kitts and Nevis is East Caribbean dollar
  • World largest lake is Caspian Sea
  • Capital of Niger is Niamey
  • Inventor of dry cleaning is Jean Baptiste Jolly
  • Currency of Iraq is dinar
  • 3rd cricket world cup won by India
  • World tallest waterfall is Angel fall
  • Currency of Tajikistan is somoni
  • The starit that connects Red Sea & Gulf of Aden is Bab el Mandeb Strait
  • Capital of Kenya is Nairobi
  • Capital of Bhutan is Thimphu
  • Currency of Bahrain is Bahrain dinar
  • 10th cricket world cup hosted by India/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh
  • Capital of Bulgaria is Sofia
  • Inventor of bifocal lens is Benjamin Franklin
  • Currency of Montenegro is Euro
  • Inventor of jet engine is Sir Frank Whittle
  • 3rd cricket world cup hosted by England
  • One Belt One Road (OBOR) is an initiative of China
  • Vietnam war was started in 1955 and it continued till 1975
  • Inventor of chronometer is John Harrison
  • Capital of Papua New Guinea is Port Moresby
  • Capital of Azerbaijan is Baku
  • Currency of Bolivia is Boliviano
  • Capital of Lithuania is Vilnius
  • Currency of Vatican City is Euro