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Following is some general info related to world
  • Currency of India is Rupee
  • Capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo
  • Currency of France is Euro (old = French franc)
  • Capital of Monaco is Monaco
  • The starit that connects Atlantic ocean and Mediterainian sea is Gibraltar strait
  • Capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires
  • The starit that connects Black Sea and Marmara Sea is Bosporous Strait
  • Capital of Vatican City is Vatican City
  • The only sea without a land boundary is Sargasso Sea
  • Inventor of contact lenses is Adolf Fick
  • French revolution continued from 1789 to 1799
  • Capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City
  • The starit that connects Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean is Florida Strait
  • Currency of Portugal is Euro (old = escudo)
  • Currency of Mauritius is Mauritian rupee
  • Currency of Myanmar is Kyat
  • Currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge
  • Sea route to India via the Cape of Good Hope was discovered by Vasco De Gama (1498)
  • Inventor of vacuum cleaner is Herbert Cecil Booth
  • Currency of Palau is U.S. dollar used
  • Capital of Saint Lucia is Castries
  • Capital of Mauritania is Nouakchott
  • Capital of Japan is Tokyo
  • Radioactive rays emit from Nucleus
  • Most rainy area of the world is cherrapunji, India
  • The starit that connects Arafura Sea & Gulf of Papua is Taurus Strait
  • 4th cricket world cup won by australia
  • Bone of contention between USA and North Korea is Atomic program of North Korea
  • Parliament of U.S.S.R. was known as Supreme Soviet
  • NRO is the abbreviation of National Reconciliation Ordinance
  • Currency of Venezuela is Bolivar
  • West Indies is a Region of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • World largest uninhabited island of the World is Devon Island
  • Currency of Honduras is Lempira
  • The continent that has most land locked country is Africa
  • Congress ministries were formed in 7 provinces of India in 1937
  • Inventor of fueled liquid rocket engine is Robert H. Goddard
  • Currency of El Salvador is U.S. dollar
  • Currency of Uzbekistan is Uzbekistani sum
  • Capital of Tonga is Nuku'alofa