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Following is some general info related to world
  • Sea route to India via the Cape of Good Hope was discovered by Vasco De Gama (1498)
  • Currency of Tuvalu is Australian dollar
  • Capital of Malawi is Lilongwe
  • Parliament of U.S.S.R. was known as Supreme Soviet
  • Capital of Djibouti is Djibouti
  • Inventor of gas stove is James Sharp
  • Kargil war was fought in 1999
  • Capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo
  • Capital of Russia is Moscow
  • Inventor of contact lenses is Adolf Fick
  • First motorway in Pakistan was built between Lahore and Rawalpindi
  • Inventor of carbon 14 dating is Willard F. Libby
  • Currency of Thailand is baht
  • Currency of St. Vincent and the Grenadines is East Caribbean dollar
  • Capital of Estonia is Tallinn
  • Vietnam war was started in 1955 and it continued till 1975
  • Capital of Greece is Athens
  • Inventor of chewing gum is Thomas Adams
  • Which country/countries are only double land locked country(ies) Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan
  • World deepest lake is Lake Baikal, Russia
  • Currency of Eritrea is Nakfa
  • Capital of Bolivia is La Paz
  • Capital of Egypt is Cairo
  • The starit that connects Adriatic Sea & Ionian Sea is Strait of Otranto
  • Currency of Kenya is shilling
  • Currency of Austria is Euro (old = schilling)
  • Berlin Wall between East and West Germany was destroyed in 1989
  • Capital of Spain is Madrid
  • Capital of Tuvalu is Funafuti
  • Currency of Oman is Omani rial
  • Second largest island of the world is New Guinea
  • Currency of Trinidad and Tobago is Trinidad and Tobago dollar
  • Inventor of X ray is Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen
  • Currency of Comoros is Franc
  • Currency of Qatar is Riyal
  • Capital of Republic of the Congo is Brazzaville
  • Inventor of dry cleaning is Jean Baptiste Jolly
  • SEATO was signed on 8th September 1954
  • Capital of Bahrain is Manama
  • Capital of France is Paris