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Following is some general info related to world
  • Hundred years war between England and France was fought from 1337 to 1453
  • Parliament of Iran is known as Majlis
  • The starit that seprates Malagasy from mainland Africa is Mozambique Strait
  • Currency of Central African Republic is CFA Franc
  • Hadood ordinance was enforced in 1979
  • Hawaiian Island was discovered by Captain James cook(1770)
  • Capital of Iran is Tehran
  • Currency of Ukraine is Hryvna
  • Pakistan recognized the Bangladesh in 1974
  • Capital of Albania is Tirane
  • Currency of Estonia is Kroon
  • Inventor of pendulum clock is Christiaan Huygens
  • Currency of Colombia is Colombian Peso
  • The starit that seprates Tasmania and Australia is Bass strait
  • Inventor of electric chair is Harold P. Brown, Arthur E. Kennelly
  • Currency of Serbia is Serbian dinar
  • Inventor of dishwasher is Josephine Cochrane
  • Capital of Republic of the Congo is Brazzaville
  • Cabinet Mission Plan was presented in 1946
  • Capital of Syria is Damascus
  • Parliament of Ireland is known as Althing
  • Capital of Angola is Luanda
  • Inventor of vacuum cleaner is Herbert Cecil Booth
  • Currency of Equatorial Guinea is CFA Franc
  • Capital of Sri Lanka is Colombo
  • Inventor of dynamite is Alfred Nobel
  • Capital of France is Paris
  • Capital of Cyprus is Nicosia
  • Currency of Cambodia is Riel
  • Inventor of tractor is John Froehlich
  • Inventor of electron microscope is Ernst Ruska
  • Currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge
  • Inventor of engine( internal combustion ) is Étienne Lenoir
  • Currency of Mozambique is Metical
  • Capital of United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi
  • Currency of Lesotho is Maluti
  • Capital of Belize is Belmopan
  • Inventor of airship is Henri Giffard
  • Largest country without river is Saudi Arabia
  • Currency of Ireland Euro (old = Irish pound /punt)