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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Currency of Solomon Islands is Solomon Islands dollar
  • Capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur
  • Cambodia gained independence from France in 1953
  • Inventor of typewriter is Christopher Latham Sholes
  • Inventor of submarine is Cornelis Drebbel
  • Brazil gained independence from Portugal in 1822 (recognized formally in 1825)
  • Capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat
  • Currency of Swaziland is Lilangeni
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh
  • Currency of Netherlands is Euro (old = guilder)
  • Romania gained independence from Ottoman (Turks) in 1877
  • Capital of Sikkim is Gangtok
  • First Youm e Takbir was celebrated on 28 May, 1999
  • First constitution of Pakistan was introduced in 1956
  • Currency of Turkey is Turkish lira
  • Capital of Kuwait is Kuwait City
  • MAO School was established in 1875
  • Currency of Kyrgyzstan is Som
  • Capital of Spain is Madrid
  • Manipur became state in 1972
  • The strait that joins Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean Magellan strait
  • Currency of Eritrea is Nakfa
  • Inventor of neon lighting is Georges Claude
  • Capital of Monaco is Monaco
  • Ecuador came into existence as the result of dissolution of Gran Colombia (which was Spain colony before 1822) in 1830
  • The starit that connects Gulf of Persia & Gulf of Oman is Hormuz Strait
  • The river that flows the most capital cities is River Danube
  • Pakistan bought the Gwadar from Muscat on 1958
  • Currency of Slovenia is euro
  • Inventor of tank is Admiralty Landships Committee
  • Pakistan recognized the Bangladesh in 1974
  • Currency of Estonia is Kroon
  • Largest gulf of the world is Gulf of Mexico
  • Austria as a country came into being as the result of the end of Holy Roman Empire in 1806
  • Lebanon gained independence from France in 1943
  • Battle of Uhud was fought in Shawal 4 Hijrah
  • Modern Italy was unified as a state in 1861
  • Capital of Germany is Berlin
  • Parliament of China is known as National Peoples,Congress
  • Hawaiian Island was discovered by Captain James cook(1770)