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  • Inventor of vulcanized rubber is Charles Goodyear
  • Pakistan hosted the SAARC Summit first time in 1988
  • Czech Republic came into existence as the result of dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993
  • Pakistan resolution was passed on 1940
  • Rajasthan became state in 1948
  • Longest river of the Australia is Murray Darling river
  • World's quickest river is Congo
  • Capital of Seychelles is Victoria
  • Currency of Nicaragua is Gold cordoba
  • Currency of Turkmenistan is Manat
  • Turkmenistan gained independence from Soviet Union in 1991
  • Capital of Latvia is Riga
  • Parliament of Switzerland is known as Federal Assembly
  • Inventor of fluorescent lights is TESLA, NIKOLA
  • 3rd cricket world cup won by India
  • Inventor of bifocal lens is Benjamin Franklin
  • Inventor of electric chair is Harold P. Brown, Arthur E. Kennelly
  • Currency of Poland is Zloty
  • The starit that seprates South and North Newzeland is Cook strait
  • The starit that seprates China &Taiwan is Formosa Strait
  • first general election held in 1951
  • Currency of Malta is Euro
  • Currency of Estonia is Kroon
  • Capital of Comoros is Moroni
  • Parliament of Germany is known as Lower House is known as Bundesrat,Upper House is known as Bundestag
  • Capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo
  • Ancient name of Sudan is Nubia
  • Haiti independence hero is Jean Jacques Dessaline
  • Sao Tome and Principe gained independence from Portugal in 1975
  • Capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires
  • Capital of France is Paris
  • India father of nation is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  • Only Pakistani bowler who took wicket in his first test ball is Intikhab Alam
  • Guinea gained independence from France in 1958
  • Inventor of stethoscope is Rene Theophile Hyacinthe LaĆ«nnec
  • Currency of Argentina is Peso
  • Capital of Spain is Madrid
  • Capital of South Africa is Pretoria
  • Currency of Guatemala is Quetzal
  • Parliament of U.S.S.R. was known as Supreme Soviet