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Following is some general info related heights, water and geography


  • Kazakhstan Is largest land locked country.
  • Peninsula is the part of the land surrounded by water from three sides that only from one side is connected to mainland, like Arabian peninsula.
  • Nile River located in Egypt is the longest river, it is about 4100 km long.
  • Amazon river (Brazil) is the second and Mississippi river (USA)  is the third longest river of the world.
  • Angell fall is tallest water fall of the world, it is located in Venezuela.
  • Panama canal (constructed in 1904 in Panama) connects Atlantic and Pacific oceans.
  • South China Sea is considered biggest sea of the world according to some other standards Mediterranean sea is the biggest.
  • The Suez Canal (constructed in 1869 in Egypt) connects Mediterranean and Red Sea.
  • Canada has the longest coastline of 202,080 km.
  • Regarding fresh water reservoir lake Baikal is the world's largest lake.
  • The Dead Sea is the world lowest point (about 427 meters below sea level) in the world, it is surrounded by Jordan, Palestine and Israel. Its surface and shores are, Earth's lowest elevation on lan
  • The biggest animal of the world is blue whale. It has length of about 30m and weight about 200 tons.
  • A lizard Tuatara lives in New Zealand has three eyes.
  • Greenland (governed by Denmark) is considered the largest island of the world, though Australia is larger than Greenland but as it is a whole continent that why usually not taken as island.
  • Mount Kilimanjaro is the only ice covered(peak) place in Africa. It is tallest mountain of Africa and located in Kenya.
  • Great Barrier Reef is the world largest coral reef, lies of   Australia’s northern coast. It is more than 2300 km long.
  • it is also the tallest hotel in the world, world’s largest clock face and world’s largest building floor area.
  • Famous London's big ben clock tower is about 315 feet high.
  • Madagascar(Malagasy) is the largest island of Indian ocean.