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World History
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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Capital of United States is Washington D.C.
  • Sea route to India via the Cape of Good Hope was discovered by Vasco De Gama (1498)
  • Maldives gained independence from Britain in 1965
  • Currency of Croatia is Kuna
  • The starit that connects Black Sea and Marmara Sea is Bosporous Strait
  • The starit that connects Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean is Florida Strait
  • Currency of Nepal is Nepalese rupee
  • Capital of San Marino is San Marino
  • The starit that connects Gulf of Persia & Gulf of Oman is Hormuz Strait
  • Capital of Cyprus is Nicosia
  • Inventor of answering machine is Valdemar Poulsen
  • First cricket world cup won by West Indies
  • Capital of Japan is Tokyo
  • Saint Lucia gained independence from Britain in 1979
  • LFO stands for Legal Frame Work Order
  • Guinea Bissau gained independence from Portugal in 1975
  • Currency of Algeria is Dinar
  • Capital of Jordan is Amman
  • 5th cricket world cup hosted by Australia/NewZeland
  • Inventor of contact lenses is Adolf Fick
  • Currency of Ghana is Cedi
  • The strait that joins Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean Magellan strait
  • Currency of Bolivia is Boliviano
  • Currency of Andorra is Euro
  • Mexico father of nation is Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla
  • Azerbaijan gained independence from Soviet Union in 1991
  • Suriname gained independence from Britain in 1975
  • Algeria gained independence from France in 1962
  • Capital of Saint Lucia is Castries
  • Currency of Malaysia is Ringgit
  • Capital of Mauritania is Nouakchott
  • Currency of Jamaica is Jamaican dollar
  • Luxembourg got independence in 1867
  • Inventor of carbon 14 dating is Willard F. Libby
  • Inventor of quartz clock is Warren A. Marrison
  • Old name of Colombia is Grand Colombia
  • Old name of Cyprus is Alashiya
  • Capital of Nicaragua is Managua
  • Old name of Burkina Faso is Upper Volta
  • Old name of Cambodia is Kampuchea