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  • Bowler who took the first hat trick in test cricket was Fred Spofforth (Australia)
  • Old name of Democratic Republic of the Congo is Zaire
  • Which country/countries are only double land locked country(ies) Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan
  • South Korea gained independence from Japan in 1945
  • Kenya gained independence from Britain in 1963
  • Capital of Bhutan is Thimphu
  • Inventor of roller coaster is LeMarcus A. Thompson
  • Bone of contention between USA and North Korea is Atomic program of North Korea
  • Capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh
  • Inventor of mobile is Bell Laboratories
  • Mauritania gained independence from France in 1960
  • The line that divide North Korea and South Korea is 38th Parallel
  • Capital of Belgium is Brussels
  • Currency of East Timor is U.S. dollar
  • Qatar gained independence from Britain in 1971
  • Currency of Greece is Euro (old = drachma)
  • Old name of Vietnam is Cochin China (south), Annam (central), Tonkin (north)
  • Currency of Pakistan is Rupee
  • The starit that joins Japan Sea and Pacific Ocean is Tsungaru Strait
  • Capital of Bahrain is Manama
  • Capital of Turkmenistan is Ashgabat
  • Currency of Namibia is Namibian dollar
  • Gambia gained independence from Britain in 1965
  • Currency of Azerbaijan is Manat
  • Inventor of compact disc (CD) is Philips Electronics, Sony Corp.
  • Currency of Maldives is Rufiya
  • Currency of Costa Rica is Col√≥n
  • Parliament of Bangladesh is known as Jatiyo Sangsad
  • Honduras gained independence from Federal Republic of Central America (Previously part of Mexico 1822 to 23 and a remained Spain colony before 1821) in 1838
  • Sir Syed Ahmad Khan died in 1898
  • Africa largest lake is Lake Victoria
  • Capital of Malta is Valletta
  • Samoa gained independence from New Zealand in 1962 (Earlier colonized by Germans)
  • Biggest peninsula of the world is Arabian
  • Old name of Burundi is German East Africa
  • Old name of Colombia is Grand Colombia
  • Sweden came into existence as the fall of Kalmar Union in 1523
  • Bowler who took the first hat trick in ODI was Jalal ud Din (Pakistan)
  • The river that flows the most capital cities is River Danube
  • Inventor of assembly line is Henry Ford