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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Old name of Thailand is Siam
  • North Korea's father of nation is Kim Il sung
  • Ancient name of Sudan is Nubia
  • Inventor of coins is Lydians
  • Capital of Chhattisgarh is Raipur
  • Capital of Iraq is Baghdad
  • Old name of Iran is Persia
  • LFO stands for Legal Frame Work Order
  • Inventor of electronic mail (e mail) is Ray Tomlinson
  • Tonga gained independence from UK in 1970
  • Capital of Ireland is Dublin
  • Inventor of cellophane is Jacques E. Brandenberger
  • Capital of Singapore is Singapore
  • Currency of Haiti is Gourde
  • Radioactive rays emit from Nucleus
  • Nigeria gained independence from Britain in 1960
  • Hawaiian Island was discovered by Captain James cook(1770)
  • Currency of Romania is Leu
  • Romania gained independence from Ottoman (Turks) in 1877
  • Capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur
  • Capital of Australia is Canberra
  • Modern Italy was unified as a state in 1861
  • Currency of Austria is Euro (old = schilling)
  • Lawyers movement to reinstate Chief Justice Ch Iftikhar was launched in 2007
  • Cabinet Mission Plan was presented in 1946
  • Currency of Albania is Lek
  • 5th cricket world cup won by Pakistan
  • Inventor of carbon 14 dating is Willard F. Libby
  • Currency of Russia is Ruble
  • Pakistan hosted the SAARC Summit first time in 1988
  • Currency of San Marino is Euro
  • Currency of Kazakhstan is Tenge
  • Currency of Burundi is Burundi franc
  • Great Depression continued from 1929 to 1939
  • The BJP was formed in 1980.
  • Currency of Cuba is Cuban Peso
  • Largest landlocked country Kazakhstan
  • Currency of Colombia is Colombian Peso
  • Capital of Marshall Islands is Majuro
  • The strait that joins Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean Magellan strait