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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Capital of Indonesia is Jakarta
  • Capital of Mali is Bamako
  • Pakistan resolution was passed on 1940
  • Currency of Honduras is Lempira
  • Capital of Sao Tome and Principe is Sao Tome
  • Inventor of sewing machine is Barthélemy Thimonnier
  • Japan's ancient name is Nippon
  • Parliament of Iran is known as Majlis
  • The starit that joins Japan Sea and Pacific Ocean is Tsungaru Strait
  • Grenada gained independence from Britain in 1974
  • Rajiv Gandhi (Ex PM of India) was son of Indra Gandhi
  • The geographical line that acts as border between Pakistan and India (lies in Rann of Kutch) is 24th Parallel
  • Currency of Argentina is Peso
  • Capital of Uzbekistan is Tashkent
  • Currency of Austria is Euro (old = schilling)
  • Capital of Romania is Bucharest
  • Capital of Pakistan is Islamabad
  • Kargil war was fought in 1999
  • Inventor of refrigerator is John Gorrie
  • Jordan gained independence from Britain in 1946
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1992
  • Capital of Belgium is Brussels
  • Currency of Ecuador is U.S. dollar
  • Currency of Algeria is Dinar
  • Parliament of China is known as National Peoples,Congress
  • Costa Rica seceded from Federal Republic of Central America (Previously part of Mexico 1822 to 23 and a remained Spain colony before 1821) in 1838
  • Timor Leste (East Timor) gained independence from Indonesia in 2002
  • Cape Verde gained independence from Portugal in 1975
  • Capital of Jamaica is Kingston
  • World highest lake is Lake Titicaca (Andean Altiplano, between Peru and Bolivia)
  • Inventor of roller coaster is LeMarcus A. Thompson
  • Pakistan left the British Common wealth in 1972
  • Currency of Belize is Belize dollar
  • Capital of Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo
  • Israel came into existence in 1949
  • Currency of Mali is CFA Franc
  • Longest river of the Europe is Volga
  • Portugal (became an independent kingdom in 1143) break away from Spain in 1640
  • Currency of Solomon Islands is Solomon Islands dollar
  • Samoa gained independence from New Zealand in 1962 (Earlier colonized by Germans)