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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Capital of Cambodia is Phnom Penh
  • Parliament of Australia is known as Parliament
  • Hadood ordinance was enforced in 1979
  • Cuba gained independence from Spain in 1898 (USA military left in 1902)
  • Dominica gained independence from Britain in 1978
  • Course of the Zambesi river,the Victoria Falls was discovered by David Livingstone
  • First round table congress in London was held in 1930
  • Chile father of nation is Bernardo O'Higgins
  • The German defend line at France border built in 1930 and expanded in 1944 is Siegfried Line
  • Inventor of quartz clock is Warren A. Marrison
  • The longest continuous international border is between Canada and USA
  • Inventor of vacuum cleaner is Herbert Cecil Booth
  • 6th cricket world cup hosted by Pakistan/India/Sri Lanka
  • The line between Pakistan and India that divides Kashmir between them is Line of Control
  • Currency of Andorra is Euro
  • Capital of Liberia is Monrovia
  • Currency of Bhutan is Ngultrum
  • Currency of Egypt is Egyptian pound
  • Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960
  • Capital of Norway is Oslo
  • Inventor of microwave oven is Percy L. Spencer
  • Largest fresh water lake is Lake Superior
  • Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Sarajevo
  • Gambia gained independence from Britain in 1965
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh
  • The strait that joins Pacific and South Atlantic Ocean Magellan strait
  • Inventor of Braille system is Louis Braille
  • Only Pakistani bowler who took wicket in his first test ball is Intikhab Alam
  • Sudan gained independence from Britain in 1956
  • Capital of Ukraine is Kiev
  • Steel Mill in Karachi was established with the cooperation of USSR
  • Currency of Argentina is Peso
  • Inventor of fueled liquid rocket engine is Robert H. Goddard
  • Intoxicants were prohibited by Almighty Allah in 5 Hijrah
  • Pakistan bought the Gwadar from Muscat on 1958
  • Currency of Barbados is Barbados dollar
  • Currency of Malawi is Kwacha
  • The starit that connects Red Sea & Gulf of Aden is Bab el Mandeb Strait
  • Bone of contention between USA and North Korea is Atomic program of North Korea
  • Azerbaijan gained independence from Soviet Union in 1991