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Foreign Affairs Of Pakistan
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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Inventor of light bulb( incandescent) is Thomas Alva Edison
  • 9th cricket world cup won by australia
  • Old name of Burkina Faso is Upper Volta
  • Old name of Namibia is South West Africa
  • Parliament of Romania is known as Grand National Assembly
  • Inventor of modern calendar (Gregorian) is Pope Gregory XIII
  • Currency of Poland is Zloty
  • Steel Mill in Karachi was established with the cooperation of USSR
  • Capital of Federated States of Micronesia is Palikir
  • Netherlands break away from Spain in 1581
  • Currency of Czech Republic is Koruna
  • Currency of Canada is Canadian dollar
  • Namibia (was a formal German colony) gained independence from South Africa in 1990
  • Inventor of telephone is Alexander Graham Bell
  • Inventor of electron microscope is Ernst Ruska
  • World's quickest river is Congo
  • Currency of Kenya is shilling
  • Sweden came into existence as the fall of Kalmar Union in 1523
  • Inventor of computer mouse is Douglas Engelbart
  • Capital of Jamaica is Kingston
  • Mole is the unit of Amount of substance
  • Denmark came into existence in about 935
  • Cuba gained independence from Spain in 1898 (USA military left in 1902)
  • 10th cricket world cup hosted by India/Sri Lanka/Bangladesh
  • Capital of Vanuatu is Portis -Vila
  • North Korea's father of nation is Kim Il sung
  • Old name of Suriname is Dutch Guyana
  • Currency of Liberia is Liberian dollar
  • Inventor of television remote control is Robert Adler
  • Capital of Slovakia is Bratislava
  • Longest river of the Australia is Murray Darling river
  • Currency of Myanmar is Kyat
  • Afghanistan Afghan Independence Day year is 1919
  • Sea route to India via the Cape of Good Hope was discovered by Vasco De Gama (1498)
  • Parliament of U.S.A. is known as Congress (Lower House is known as house of Representatives & Upper house is known as Senate)
  • Inventor of neon lighting is Georges Claude
  • Currency of Montenegro is Euro
  • Suez Canal was bult in 1869
  • Capital of Burkina Faso is Ouagadougou
  • Third largest island of the world is Borneo