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Countries Independence
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Click the above button to start the test, quiz questions are with answers that you can see at the end of the quiz. Followings are some general knowledge and current affirs info
  • Pakistan rejoined the common wealth on 1989
  • Cameroon gained independence from France in 1960
  • Cuba gained independence from Spain in 1898 (USA military left in 1902)
  • Capital of China is Beijing
  • Cuba father of nation is Carlos Manuel de C├ęspedes
  • Capital of Australia is Canberra
  • Camp David accord was signed in 1978
  • Greece gained independence from Ottoman (Turks) in 1821
  • Inventor of vaccination is Edward Jenner
  • Inventor of credit card is Frank McNamara, Ralph Schneider (Diners' Club)
  • Old name of Cyprus is Alashiya
  • World largest lake is Caspian Sea
  • Capital of Togo is Lome
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh
  • North Korea gained independence from Japan in 1945
  • Inventor of vulcanized rubber is Charles Goodyear
  • Old name of Malawi is Nyasaland
  • Currency of Guyana is Guyanese dollar
  • Capital of Germany is Berlin
  • Longest river of the North America is Mississippi missouri river
  • West Indies is a Region of the North Atlantic Ocean
  • Currency of Mauritania is Ouguiya
  • Renaissance started approximately in 1300 and it continued till 1700
  • World tallest waterfall is Angel fall
  • Old name of Zambia is Northern Rhodesia
  • Sweden came into existence as the fall of Kalmar Union in 1523
  • Bowler who took the first hat trick in test cricket was Fred Spofforth (Australia)
  • Inventor of assault rifle is Hugo Schmeisser
  • Argentina gained independence from Spain in 1816
  • Cyprus conflict is between Turkey and Greece
  • Rajiv Gandhi (Ex PM of India) was son of Indra Gandhi
  • 3rd cricket world cup hosted by England
  • Capital of Kiribati is Tarawa
  • Dead Sea situated between Israel and Jordan is a Salt Water Lake
  • Old name of Liberia is Grain Coast
  • Capital of Pakistan is Islamabad
  • Old name of Madagascar is Malagasy Republic
  • London is located around Thames
  • Capital of Fiji is Suva
  • Capital of Malawi is Lilongwe