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Official Agent of HEC For Degree Attestation & Equivalence in Pakistan

Students & Parents Alert About Degree Verification in Pakistan & Abroad
Some organizations and individual people are claiming in Pakistan & abroad that they have been appointed as official representative/agent/consultant of Higher Education of Pakistan (H.E.C) for degree attestation/equivalence. All these people are fraud, as Higher  Education Commission (H.E.C) has not appointed any agent/representative/consultant for degree verification or equivalence in Pakistan and abroad.
These so called agents of HEC are sending emails and SMS to students and asking them to send them money through mobile money transfer for HEC degree attestation or equivalence. HEC has set a specific procedure for this purpose. You are hereby warned to avoid such fake agents of HEC. Never transfer even a penny in the name of HEC degree attestation or equivalence to the so-called representative of Higher Education Commission through mobile money transfer or any other mean. 
These fake agents have no connection with Higher Education Commission. Kindly visit HEC head office situated in H-9 Islamabad or its regional offices in Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta and Islamabad for degree attestation, or getting equivalence certificates/transcripts. You may also use the services of Leopards courier service for the same purpose, as its a HEC approved courier service. You may read the detailed procedure for HEC degree verification and equivalence certificate on the  official website of Higher Education Commission. Stay connected with for latest student alerts.   

Official Agent of HEC For Degree Attestation & Equivalence in Pakistan   





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